Two Critical steps that Will make Your Life Incredible


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Is there a  magic formula  that will allow  Your life to be incredible and fulfilling?

It would be great if there was, wouldn’t it?

Imagine if you simply kept your head down,went through the motions and checked off the boxes as you do each “task”, like on a pre-ordained list?

Do you think that would be incredible and fulfilling? OR how about this then:

If you “follow the rules”, keep out of trouble, stay away from “the edge” … do you think that Your life would then be/become incredible?

Neither of the above are remotely true, yet so many follow this path.

In my opinion, You may become very adept at following rules and checking off lists however, that’s where your incredible adventure will end.

Because it won’t even begin. Now, before I go any further, there are certain societal rules that you do need to follow, don’t get me wrong there.

But that aside, following old rules and/or following what others are doing won’t make your life any more adventurous.

But what is “incredible” anyway? 

More importantly, what does incredible mean for You?

Is it something above the ordinary, the mediocre perhaps?

A life full of excitement and inspiration maybe?

Endless years of defying all the norms, breaking new ground, helping others to do the same, could be another?  And by the way, these all contribute to being fulfilled as well. 

There IS more to fulfillment, but this is an excellent start. Maybe I’ll write a separate post on “fulfillment” one day?Your Incredible Life Blog post

Whatever it is for you, the word  incredible  for most people, would conjure up “something completely outside of the ordinary”. Feats performed outside the normal scope of acceptance. Fearless adventuring.

Do you think that Sir Richard Branson followed  the rules?  Yet I will venture to say that his life has been incredible. And Fulfilling.

And so can it be for You, if you are prepared to give it a try.

Which leads me to the ‘two things’ that are the subject of this post.

1. Imagination is the key ingredient in creating Your Incredible life.

2. Following through by taking action is the icing on your cake.

There is little point in simply imagining, if you do nothing to bring it alive.

Sir Richard Branson, mentioned above, is a perfect case in point. He’s imagined … then he’s done something about it.

When you decide to peer outside your normal daily containment/comfort zone, even if initially for just a dose of amusement, you may, just may, begin to imagine something different happening to your “normal routine- like day”, week, month,year/life … something better even.

Sameness is an  imagination killer.  Experiencing something different is an imagination enhancer.

Because you have then broken the cycle [of sameness].

If you want your life to be incredibly fulfilling,  firstly imagine it as so and then take the action steps, to make it so.

Again, incredible is what You believe ‘incredible’ to be. As long as it’s not incredibly boring.

I don’t want that for You. Go and have an incredible Life. If it already is, then make it even more so.

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**This post was refreshed April 14 2015


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  • Melissa May 19, 2014, 1:47 pm

    I love this post David. “Imagination is the key ingredient in creating Your Incredible life. ” is so true. and “Sameness is an imagination killer. ” Thanks for the reminder. Trying to fit in is good but not at the expense that you lose all the gifts you have to offer 😉

    • David Stevens May 19, 2014, 10:43 pm

      That’s great Melissa,
      Keep giving your gifts …
      Your support is valued.
      Be good to yourself

  • Victor May 20, 2014, 1:48 am

    “Imagination is the key ingredient in creating Your Incredible life. Following through by taking action is the icing on your cake. There is little point in simply imagining, if you do nothing to bring it alive.” — David, this quote really stuck out to me. It really resonated with me, and I couldn’t agree more, having experienced many instances where I simply imagined but didn’t bring it to life. Great post! Thank you for the inspiration and motivation today!

    • David Stevens May 20, 2014, 2:55 am

      Hey, thank you Victor
      Take that action and inspire Yourself!

      Be good to yourself