Simply Believe… Yourself


For Life success, you have to believe that you can be successful. Your determination of what “success” is … entirely up to you. However, I am sure that you have certain successes in mind.

Now they won’t just happen. You will work at them. Plan, execute…then hope. Yet underneath it all, you will need to believe that these successes will come your way.

I do.  Do You?


What do you Believe?… Do you believe that your Life will be great?

Do you believe that you have Choice?

Do you believe in the power of dreams?

Do you believe that you can do anything that you set yourself to achieve?I Believe

You see, without this type of belief, true positive results will not occur.  I’m not talking airy fairy, magical mystery tour type of Belief here ….. I’m talking practicalities.

In your face, no nonsense, straightforward Belief…..the stuff that you can count on.

When “you get this right”, you will then move into the next phase.  This is Belief on auto pilot.

You know, that when you set your target…..achievement is assured.

Obstacles vanish. Progress is made. The deal is done.

Now that’s the kind of Belief that you want for your own.

“How do I get that type of Belief, you may well ask?”

By taking action. The more action that you take, the more results you will achieve.

When you continue on in a “state of action”, your Belief will increase.

Some things will go wrong. Some things won’t work. Some of your initial results will not be what you expected.

There will be periods of frustration during your Belief building phase.

Building your bank of Self Belief may take time, however it is time well spent!….. And over time, your results will improve.

Caution: there is nothing more certain than this  following scenario however …..  if you go into stagnancy (do nothing), your Self Belief will deteriorate.

So keep the action going or get it started. Thoughts and plans are fine however with out the Belief that they will come true…..then they are just thoughts and plans.

Give yourself a chance.  Rev up your actionometer and your Belief will build….. and your Life will get better.

Be good to yourself


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  • Alex Blackwell | The BridgeMaker March 1, 2013, 1:46 am

    Inspirational post David!

    I believe in my worthiness to have my heart’s desire!


    • David Stevens March 1, 2013, 3:20 am

      Thankyou Alex,
      That’s a very strong Belief. I appreciate you calling in and contributing.
      Be good to yourself

  • Cathy Taughinbaugh March 1, 2013, 3:50 pm

    Hi David,

    For things to happen in life, we do need to believe that they will, otherwise we set that negative cycle in motion. Thanks for sharing.

    • David Stevens March 1, 2013, 9:50 pm

      Hi Cathy,
      Yes, the negativity will weigh us down…..let’s keep the positivity going1
      be good to yourself

  • Hiten March 5, 2013, 11:26 am

    Hi David,

    This was a very inspirational and motivational post.

    I agree with you 100%. Taking action is the best way to develop the type of beliefs you are talking about. By taking action we give ourselves experiences and create evidence that we are what we are wanting to believe about ourselves. Pretty soon, the belief will become a part of our identity.

    Thank you.

    • David Stevens March 5, 2013, 9:23 pm

      Thanks Hiten,
      I hope this has motivated a few to take the action necessary…
      be good to yourself