What do you want your life to be like @50?


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Hmmm 50. Magic number, magic age. [I remember it well].

You may be thinking … “not me”, “too far away to care”. Let me tell you a little secret my 30 something/40 something friend, it’s not that far away.

So, what do you think that your life will feel like @50? It’s worth considering as you travel toward this ‘marker’. Don’t let it distract you from your current joys in life however a little foresight doesn’t go astray, does it? … even if only fleeting.

Have I got your attention?

Whether you like it or not, the calendar of life moves on.  I suggest that You certainly need to embrace each day[regardless of how it is turning out], week, month and year as you move through life … and also have one eye on the future [or at least a squint].Blog21

Yes, the future. Not to put too fine a point on this, the future is tomorrow and the tomorrow after that … and so on … until you reach the numbers that scare you [I’ve found that it’s not that bad, really].

I’ve picked the age of 50 simply as an illustration that your “numbers will go up”. I could easily have picked 40, 45, 55, 60 or anything similar.

However, I want to focus on  you, sitting pretty in your late 30’s or early 40’s and ask You the question … “What do you want your life to be like @50?”

Will it be different to now?  Do you want it to be? Will sameness rule your life? What aspirations do you have? Are there more goals to be kicked or dreams to play out? Do you want your finances to be in order? A bigger house maybe? … Sports car? New job? Keep the job that you are in? Maintain the house that you have?

Essentially, are you wanting Clarity and Certainty in the years ahead?

Worth thinking about, don’t you think?

Maybe Yes or maybe No, it’s up to you. However if it’s a “Yes”, then any changes that you want to be in place @50, or before,  start working on them Now. Small changes  are OK.

Build on them so that when you hit 50 there are no nasty surprises! You see, your life is always starting ‘Now’.

Change doesn’t wait.

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Be good to yourself


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