How to use Imagination to wildly enhance your Mid life years



Please note: This post is an updated and amended version of one that I produced on 9 July 2013.

Imagination, true Imagination is an art form.

True Artistes imagine beyond their current limits to a place devoid of any barriers, blockages or obstacles.

Some of my readers are already True Artistes and I congratulate you on that. Keep imagining and creating.

However, if You feel that Your life does have room for improvement whether that be 1% or more [or much more], then please read on. For those of you who are content with your lot in life then I’d really still love for you to read on [and give me some of your feedback in the comments below] …….

I’m always imagining and I believe I’m pretty good at it. Yet I sometimes struggle with a  deeper imagination  … a breakthrough that will signal that I have arrived in imagination heaven  …  do You?

There have been times gone by when my mind got caught up and wandered. I began to “wish” that certain things were different to what they either are now or have been.

This kind of thought process was trapping my mind in a state of “what if’s, buts and maybes”.

Wishing  that things were different was a complete waste of my thought processes. I knew this however, the “wishes” used to sneak under my guard now and then.

I went through some fairly significant life changes during my forties. My mother and father both passed away and I changed jobs ….. twice.

For a while there, I couldn’t see the woods from the trees, so to speak. I thought that I was on a path forward however this path [I found out later] went around in a circle to some degree. I learned a lot about life however, I still managed to arrive  in much the same spot in my fifties, as I was a few years earlier.  Imagine how that feels.

Yes, just imagine. This was the impetus for me to do just that. Imagine a better, clearer way forward. Imagine a bigger picture than I had at that time.

Imagining with Intent shakes your thought processes out of it’s slumber and puts those pesky “wishes” in their place.

When you turn your energy into imagining when things are different, rather than just wishing that they were, your thought processes will come alive and kick into overdrive!

And this is what happened. I knew that I could make a difference to others and to myself. I imagined what I saw for my future [immediate and a few years hence] and then took the steps to make it come true.


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But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s dial it back a notch for a moment. For now, let’s just imagine if … things were different.

Moving from “wishing” to “imagining” is a pretty big step. And so is moving from “if” to “when”.Canva design Blog post Imagination

If you aren’t yet ready to engage your overdrive, then I suggest you start with getting the imagining bit right first … then scale it up from  if  to  when  as you gain in confidence.

Imagination is creative. Wishing is just wishing. It’s more fanciful than imagination. Imagination is solid, real. Imagination is power.

Imagination is personal.

Work on your imagination. Get used to it. Get used to it’s feel, it’s personality. Oh yes, your imagination does have personality.

And it’s the personality that will have you graduating from wishing. Imagination has a life force. Wishing is kinda hollow. “Wishing” lacks substance. Intentional imagination sees the bigger picture. It lights up the steps that you need to take.

With practise, You will find this to be an easy transition. Your imagination will become your friend. Your imagination will get you places.

Imagine small to start with, imagine whatever. Just get the imagination feel happening. Then gradually become more specific. More specific with the goals, dreams and people that you want to happen and who you want to be in your life ….. the time for “when” is getting nearer.

Now that this friendship is growing and you are comfortable imagining, you can start to step it up. Your imagination becomes real as the “when” is gradually introduced into your thought processes.  “When” introduces the ‘happening stages’. Your imaginations will begin to take some shape. You will begin to imagine with intent.

However, to cement the shape & the intent, you need to follow through with action.

Follow through on your imaginations. Only by doing this will they fully come to life. If they remain floating around in your head then they likely will disintegrate into fanciful wishes.

Write them down, seek help from a friend, collaborate with a coach/mentor, or go it alone …  just start your action.

So, regardless of your stage of life, you can imagine with vigour, with intent. It is a beautiful thing. However, the real beauty is when you follow through and bring your imaginations to Life!

What are You imagining today for your life? Please feel free to share in the comments and share this post on your favourite Social Media channels.

Be good to Yourself


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