How to Create your best Mid life with these 5 ‘must haves’


There is a difference between surviving your Mid life years and thriving in your Mid life years. I have previously used the term ‘thrival’.  

And it’s a term that I will use again here.

Thrival occurs when the struggle in your life [to survive] meets with the opportunity to thrive. The opportunity arrives when you are sparked into realising, that your life can be full and satisfied & better than it is now, when you take the action to make it so … A fresh door has now been cast open for You to gallop through.

Life no longer simply happens to You … You are now creating the happenings.

For your creativity to reach it’s zenith, I suggest that the following 5 items must appear on your “resume”.

Sense of humour.

For me, seeing the amusing side of things breaks any staleness. It livens my senses, helps me relax and not take myself or life, too seriously. When you are tense, you cannot create anything effectively or life inspiring [though you are open to creating chaos]. Relax, use your sense of humour to calm. It doesn’t mean that you are cracking jokes all day long, but you will be able to soften any downside effects that may be thrown your way.Create your best Mid life Blog post

Imaginative curiosity.

Bringing a few “what if’s” to the table will render ajar  more doors. The tunnel of sameness will never be the same again. “What if” I tried this for once?” “What if I did that differently to normal?” There are a multitude of “what if’s” that You can introduce, I’m sure. Stir your curiosity. Wonder a little more. Take nothing for granted.  Throw ‘boring’ out of the window by imagining different scenarios for your life. If you want change, then imagine that it can happen, then follow through with action … because it can happen!

Just for fun [and for my curiosity] ….. Why not throw me a few ‘what if’s’ in the comments below?

Keeping your curiosity on edge … will give you the edge. Imagining more … will give you more. The well will never run dry.

Learning optimism.

I am a life long learner. I learn new stuff every day. Some of it small, but it’s learning nonetheless. And it’s a habit … a good habit. When you are optimistic that you will learn, your life becomes more exciting. Learning stimulates your senses & sharpens your mind. Create something New, today. Very little stays the same. Learn. Adapt. Thrive.

Fit mind, strong will.

As above, learning continually increases your fitness [of mind]. Sameness creates staleness. Formerly fit minds then become ‘fat’ minds. Keep your mind in trim with imaginative thinking & continuing a thirst for more knowing. Strength of mind via a positive willpower & strong determination will see that the best is yet to come for You.  Never tell me that “I am too old for this”. Excusing yourself from life is not where I want to see you at.

Creative intent.

You can probably see by now that much of this is leading to your ability to create. Create your best Art, your best life. As I said earlier, You can now create the happenings in your life rather than life happening to you.

When it is your intent to create what you want, harness the strength of the previous 4 points. Combine them into your personal creative force ….. and life will be good.

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  • Stuart Young March 10, 2014, 10:36 am

    Nice one David – they are definitely MUST haves. 🙂