A Credo for Your Success – 10 Mid life Guide Posts


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Hey, fellow Life Lover! Navigating through your 40’s & 50’s can be a difficult task, I know it to be so.

It can also be an exhilarating one and I know this also to be so. And that is what You and I will be concentrating on for the next few minutes at least .. happiness & exhilaration, well mostly at least.

I suggest that to set yourself up for a happy and successful mid life, you need to plan ahead.

And to help with this, set yourself “Guide posts” so that you can benchmark your success as you go along [ see below for the ‘full story’ ].

These can be used as a support mechanism for your overarching Goals and Dreams which will be a part of Your Plans, no doubt [they should be].

I am making the assumption that, You do want to be happy and successful, is that right? If you do, please read on.

Before I get into full swing with this, I’ll digress a little for the moment.

The main thrust of this post is to ensure that you don’t arrive at the end of your mid life years and wonder “where did the time go/what the hell happened/what do I do now?”  I can’t emphasise this enough.

So that’s why I am  introducing You to the “Guide Post” concept.10 mid life guide posts blog post

These  Guide posts  can be your navigational tools and as such, I have concentrated on what I believe are 10 key areas for you to focus on when you enter, or indeed are already in, Your mid life years.

Let’s begin:

Health ..

 this is both physical and attitudinal. Get regular checkups from your Physician for your physical wellbeing and establish/maintain a positive attitude to assist you in your mental strength conditioning.

Having this will aid both your physicality and your outlook on life.

There is much to read on physical health and mental well being and I suggest that you do become familiar with the information available from reputable authorities on these two matters.

Family ..

keep them close.

Not overwhelmingly close necessarily but close in your mind, soul and personal interactions.

Give them support, love and care. They in turn will be your ‘cheer squad’ when you need them.

Family is a bond that should remain secure. It’s a bond of strength, encouragement, love and support.

Dreams ..

Picture the end result .. this will guide the creation process. 

Begin with the end in mind . Keep it clear, vivid, close enough to touch.

When you have your aimpoint clearly etched in your mind, the steps toward this will have a spring to them.

Each step brings you closer. Feel the excitement grow, Feel the creation begin to form and leap to life.

You must be able to picture your end result otherwise your efforts will begin to fade.

Values ..

Determine what they are. There are processes to determine your true Value.

Speak with a qualified Life Coach who will guide you through the process. Life is much more congruent when you live through your Values.

Any inconsistencies/frustrations with your life right now could be due to a conflict with the Values that you have deep down and the circumstances in which you currently live and act.

Finances ..

just like a health checkup, a finance checkup will bring similar rewards.

Take away the worry and do your best to have your finances in order. And when I mean ” in order”, I’m not talking necessarily about huge amounts of ‘money’ in reserve [thought that would be nice], I am speaking of having a stress free relationship with money/debt and all that goes with that.

Fitness ..

learning continually increases your fitness [of mind]. Sameness creates staleness.

Formerly fit minds then become ‘fat’ minds. Keep your mind in trim with imaginative thinking & continuing a thirst for more knowing.

Strength of mind via a positive willpower & strong determination will see that the best is yet to come for You.  Never tell me that “I am too old for this”. Excusing yourself from life is not where I want to see you at.

Goals ..

set the types of goals that will give you the greatest benefit and meaning.

Goals that will add value to your life. Start small if necessary then build into bigger, more rewarding ones.

There’s much written about goals and if you find yourself struggling with their achievement, contact someone who specialises in that.

Excitement ..

also assists with good health. Being excited about each and every day goes a long way to adding depth as well as longevity to your life.

Excitement is a  feeling  and a state of mind. When you are excited, fresh possibilities, new thoughts and positive actions blend seamlessly.

Excitement is contagious. Not only will it embrace you, others close to you will be caught up in your enthusiasm for all that is [mid]life.

Priorities ..

Different changes in direction resulting from different choices along the way and the odd unplanned detour will play a part.

If you have a Mentor, a Map or Plan will cement that relationship.

It will overview your whole scene and provide you with the comfort and overarching strategy that your life adventure is on track. Where do You want your adventure to finish? or do you want it to finish?

Creativity ..

Creativity is not a spits and spurts type of thing .. though you will have your ‘off’ days.

You may have bursts of creativity and then flat spots [me, I’m still working on this] .. try to be consistent with your ‘creative flow’.

Put aside an amount of time most days, to focus solely on creative thinking, creative pursuits.

Add to your canvas, fill in some blank spots on your ”picture”. Bit by bit, the picture will come together. Consistency is key and so is persistence and determination.

I hope that you can find some value in this. Let me know your thoughts … and a share on your favourite Social Media channels will be appreciated.


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  • Melissa May 5, 2014, 11:04 pm

    I love your list David. I’m definitely going to print it out. Every suggestion makes so much sense. I really do feel like life is moving so very fast these days. I’m almost afraid to blink 😉 Thanks so much for sharing.

    • David Stevens May 6, 2014, 12:55 am

      Hi Melissa,
      I was hoping that sense is made of this. I will tweak it a little and convert to PDF Format for ongoing usage.Appreciate your support.

      Be good to yourself

  • Elle May 6, 2014, 3:38 pm

    Super posting David. It’s a keeper. 🙂

    • David Stevens May 6, 2014, 9:21 pm

      Hi Elle,
      Glad you recognised that … Intend tweaking a little and making a PDF with this one
      Be good to yourself