Who do You want to be, really?

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Identity crisis. Mistaken identity. These are words normally associated with ”others”. However, are these words resembling of You? Let me explain …..

Going through life simply being yourself can be a pretty tough gig … but a very rewarding one. It is fair to say that you will have your identity “hijacked” at some point. You will morph into some other ‘person’ or identity, who you believe  is just right for you,  for now anyway.

Congratulations, You are running with the  in crowd. You are copying your new role model and acting out all things cool, for now.  Do you remember this happening to you? C’mon, you can own up.

This stage play has a few more acts to go before the final curtain call. Eventually you may not know which act is real and which is part of the play.

Who have You become?

In earlier years when “You and I didn’t know any better” [we’re pretty smart now though, aren’t we?] you would more than likely, want to a part of the ‘in crowd’. You wanted attention. You wanted to be cool. Look cool, act cool.

The trouble with “cool” is, it keeps changing. The definition maybe not, however “the reason” to be cool at that point does. And ‘cool’ was not always let us say, legal or morally sound.

So, to stay ‘cool’, you would need to assume another ‘identity’. The rub off here is the effect it has on your character. This being, who you really are. The difference between you and an actor [assuming that you are not an actor] is that the actor can return to his/her normal life roles when the acting role has finished. You however, are consumed by your current identity and begin to lose grip on who you really are [meant to be].

What has this got to do with the heading of this post? 

Having your own “identity”, authentic, real and self-owned allows you to play a Big part in life, not just a “bit part”.

It’s a role tailor made for You. It IS You. While you may get side tracked from time to time, I suggest that you don’t allow your identity to be compromised. Acting out of your own self, your own character is a starring role all of it’s own. And when you are your own star, people will come to watch … and they will stay for the encores.

That’s the easy part. At whatever stage you are in life, if you are not happy with “you” then life becomes more difficult. You need to know that it’s never too late to change that.

If you want to be a “better You” then Speak with someone who is really prepared to listen, to understand and to support you with your “re defining”. We all at various times in our lives, challenge ourselves with this very question … “Who am I really?” or “who do I want to be?”

So, is this a Movie or is it real Life?

If you are having troubles with determining who you are/want to be then ‘Modelling’ yourself on someone else can be a good idea. However you do need to infuse this role with your own character.  In my opinion, You can model but not be a copy. You still need to be authentic so as to satisfy your character and your soul.  In other words, it has to feel right, be right.


The best option toward finding and then adopting the real You? … Explore your passions, your likes, your strengths. Adapt them & make them your life’s role. Work at them. polish them, learn more. Seek out someone to talk to so as to gain an independent perspective, build on your strengths and to clarify your questions & your future direction.

Keep learning about yourself so that You can be the best “You”.

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Be good to yourself


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