The Wonder of You


Inside of You lies a Motivated Marvel.

However, before we get too excited by that, I have to let you down, just for a bit. Please bear with me.

You probably take for granted what You can do ..

And probably what You can’t do. It sort of just happens or it doesn’t.

And that’s the problem.

Your capabilities go beyond what you have scrawled down in your notebook on life. You know, what You are sure that You can do

And what you are sure that you can’t [even if you have never tried].

It’s what is not written [down] that is the wondrous thing here.

This is where You need to see past the obvious and question or better still, imagine, the unseen.

If You can imagine it, then the chances of it becoming real, for You, multiply.

In Your favour.The Wonder of You Blog post

And this is where your motivation to follow through on that, must come to the fore.

Push aside the limitations. Push aside the fear. Push aside the laziness.

If You want to accept your life as it is, then do that.

And I hope that your life is as wondrous as it should be.

However, if You don’t want to accept “what is” and you are constantly wondering “what if?” ..

then convert that wonder into action.

Motivated action. Because that is the wonder of You.

You can go after what You want.

You can ignore the doomsayers and find people who will support you being better than you are right now.

You can try new things. You can think fresh thoughts. And You can take motivated action.

Go, be wonderful. Fulfill your potential.


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