Sometimes … You just need someone to talk to


This post  commences a new series of blog postings called “Life as You live it” .  They are designed to be short, sweet and to the point and provide you with hopefully … plenty of food for thought. I will post in this series at least one per month.  Please enjoy.

I feel a strong Pull toward this posting. These words have been rumbling around my head for some time now, waiting to be expressed and expanded upon.

Alone time is valuable. Alone time allows you to clear your thoughts, dream, imagine, visualise, meditate.

However, there is a time to be alone and a time to seek the ‘companionship’ of others … especially when your life is not running as smoothly as you would like.

I used to hold onto my stories, whether they be good …  or bad. When I struggled with something, I struggled alone ….. you may have experienced this yourself.

Yes, I have found it difficult to open up to others at times. Yet, I find it so easy & natural to listen to others, involve myself in their story and issues … and be able to help.

Life is too short to be hanging onto troubles. Life is too short to struggle seeking answers. Life is too short to allow your confusing thoughts to overwhelm your day.

Sometimes … you just need someone to talk toBlog3

Someone to act as a sounding board. Someone to back you up. Someone to ask questions of.

Imagine the relief when you can unburden your story. Trusting your story to another is a big step. However it is a step worth taking.

Feel the weight lift from your shoulders. Even if your problem is not solved immediately, sharing the weight/burden with another is a step in the right direction.

Sometimes … you just need someone to talk to

Someone to support you. Someone to trust. Someone to share with.  Someone who will Listen.

Going it alone with your problems, doubts and other self deflating issues will likely lead you on toward a path of  despair and frustration. Sharing your story will lighten the load. Asking for help will lighten the load even further.

Sometimes … you need someone to talk toThoughts22

Someone to share your disappointments …  and joys. Someone who is prepared to help. Someone who will help you find a path that is right for You.

Do yourself a favour when you are frustrated, deflated, exasperated ….. ask someone to talk with You.

Be good to yourself


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