How to Overcome Your Rut in one Big Step


Hi there again.

When you are in a Rut, that’s about all that you think of.

The rut gets deeper, the thoughts swirl around and around, same thoughts again & again.

So instead of buying a shovel to dig yourself out, try buying into some fresh thoughts instead.

Start by imagining that your situation is different. In fact, is better than it is now.

Visualise yourself in a better light.

That’s the lead in to what I wrote back in September 2013.

Today, I will piece some of this puzzle together to enable you to commence stepping from your Rut.How to overcome your Rut Blog post

Now what I said previously may seem simplistic and perhaps a bit far fetched to some of you.

I mean, it’s easy to say “think fresh thoughts” when all you have swirling around your head is muck.

So before despair sets in

maybe what you really need is some shock treatment.

Something that will charge you up and get you to beat that rut to a pulp, metaphorically speaking of course.

Ruts happen. Everybody has been in a rut at some point.

However, the ones who recognise that their life is full of untapped opportunities, climb out of their ruts.

Because these people realise that opportunity breathes vitality.

Vitality is life and you only get one shot at it.

Will this be You? Do you see your life as vitally important to You?

Sure, “life happens”. But it’s your perspective about what happens to you that makes the difference.

When you see it as just another challenge to overcome or another phase that you need to work through

then you can live with that.

When you see it as life is tough or life is hard or life is unfair, then that’s going to hurt you. Maybe that’s the shake up that you need.

Do you want to spend a life full of hurt?

A life full of missed opportunities?

A life full of playing the victim?

A life full of being tossed around like a cork in the ocean?

You need to make a Big step to climb out of that way of thinking.

Before it’s all over, for you.

The biggest step that you can take is in your thinking.

Think about engaging your imagination, then do it. Imagine better. Imagine the opportunities.

Think about your family, friends and other loved ones. Do they want to see a lost soul?

No, they want to see You as a vibrant stepper on the stage of life.

Stepping it out is vitality in motion. No rut is big enough to contain you when you are in stepping mode.

When you step into a rut in your life, step out with bigger, more purposeful steps.

Be vital, vigorous & vibrant.

Will You promise me that?


** Refreshed June 26 2015


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  • Jonnie Bushnell July 1, 2015, 11:03 pm

    Nice article David.
    Ruts and be hard to get out of if your always looking with negatives eyes or looking down. I am trying to stay strong and positive.
    An Asian poem reads” Be an inspiration to yourself and others may find a way out too.” Having Hope in your heart does wonders too.
    Have a great day!