How to Motivate Yourself to stay Strong


Let’s be honest here.

There are days when it’s hard to Motivate yourself.

I have them. You have them.

Now we could both curl up on the couch [not together] and comfort ourselves in the knowledge that “Life’s tough”.

And we would convince ourselves of that fact.

And You wouldn’t be incorrect with that assumption.

There is a lot in Life that IS tough.

Getting married was “tough” for Me. Well, at least the decision to, was.

But I got through it like so many others.

This may seem a bit flippant however just an example of what some people may view as “tough choices/decisions”.

And they then do their best to avoid that decision.

On a scale of 1 – 10 my “example” is probably pretty low. There are a lot of tough choices and decisions made by every day people every day.

And they need to be strong to do that.Motivation exists ..

When your Will is stronger than your Won’t, Motivation exists.

When You decide to accept better, rather than “what is”, Motivation exists.

These are choices that You and I are both capable of making.

They are tougher than what they seem.

However they are critical if You want your day, week, month, year, Life to be what You want it to be.

And when You look at it, they really aren’t that tough.

The choices themselves should be easy, making that Choice can be the hard part for some.

When You are used to giving in and/or being led by your present [and enduring] circumstances, any differing choice becomes “radical”.

However, Self Motivation is a Choice, like so many other things in Life.

You either choose to be motivated or You don’t.

Self Motivation will help You break the cycle of sameness, numbness and lack of Focus.

When that starts to kick in, then You can seek further help from a Coach/Mentor when needed.

Are You motivated to make the Choice to be ?

Live stronger by being stronger.


** Post refreshed June 2 2016


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  • Jonnie September 2, 2015, 10:22 pm

    Self motivation can be hard. I Know it because I am always caring for others and forgetting about me. I am learning to take care of me, because no one will. Thanks for your your words they help.

    • David Stevens September 8, 2015, 4:17 am

      Thank You Jonnie,
      Much appreciated