How to keep Your Motivation Alive from Age 35


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Motivation, I’ve observed, will come and Go for many. Just like the tide goes in and goes out.

Regardless of age, Motivation has the potential to be super charging.  When you are motivated, You can run through brick walls in your 20’s and still leap them in your 60’s.

I mentioned the word “potential”.

Unless you engage with your Motivation it will just be an idle word, randomly abused. “I’m not motivated” … “I need someone to motivate me” … “I’ve lost my motivation” are three examples that readily come to mind.

Yes, motivation does start with You. You need to engage with it by at first recognising that you happen to life, not the other way around. When you do this, everything becomes an opportunity [to explore].

Life will stand still [it will seem] for the unmotivated. You will have plateaued way too early.

Life [Your life], is meant to rise, in increments as you motivate yourself along the way and seek further motivation to keep the fire burning.

At age 35 you will most likely have made great advances in your personal and ‘business’ life.

A time for discovering and utilising your talents & skills has been complemented with your desire to go higher.

At age 45 you may begin to think that “you’ve done most of what there is to be done”. And You start to coast along [and hopefully get some reward for the work that you’ve put in so far]. This is all fine, Until life starts happening to You. Why?Some days are diamonds

Wind back to 35. You were at or near to, the top of your game. You wanted more however something “happened” that slowed you down.

Motivation can be a slap in the face, kick in the butt type of thing OR it can be a methodical encourager. People are often motivated differently both internally and externally.

When you know what motivates you, then it is easier to be aware of and to engage in it’s “flow”. For example …

Do you need someone to ride you when you slack off? Have you set motivating goals for yourself to achieve each year over the next 5/10 years?

Will you need to subscribe to ‘motivational material’ to keep you fired up? Have you considered hiring a Coach/Mentor to provide [additional] motivation and support?

When you establish your motivational criteria [like above] and co ordinate it into a Life Plan then the flow begins to happen.

If you don’t, then you hit the wall [eventually].

The years between 35 and 55 I will say, [under strong protest from some, I’m sure] are the make or break years of your life. The 45 year old above, didn’t have a motivational plan.

Life was easy until ….. it became hard.

Lack of a motivational plan and the support and encouragement that it gives, will then impact on all facets of your life risking “the walls tumbling down”.

Again, for our 45 year old friend above, it was more than likely that “Internal motivation” was on life support and an external motivation/support mechanism had not been put in place.

So what do You do when this happens?

Have a good look at what You want out of life, I mean, have a really good, close look … and be motivated by that. Then establish a Plan that has motivating goals for each year forward. Each year of your life.

Sound too hard? It’s not. When your personal growth is at stake, I would suggest that you do look at what you need to do to keep growing ….. and living!

Stagnating is not an option. Watching the world pass you by, is not an option.

Look within. What will it take? Make a Plan.

I understand that you may be feeling a little lost here.

By all means, get someone to help you if you are. Get someone to support you. That’s got to be worth it!

Your life is too valuable to have it slip by and not reach the heights it deserves.

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