How to feel Brilliant in Your 50’s



How do You feel fellow Life Warrior? 

How do you really feel?

About You. About your life. About your partner. About your family. About your work. About your play. About your future.

All of these play a large part of your dreams and goals. Whether you notice this or not.

Most of what you do, most of what you think is dependent on how You feel.

So I ask you again. How do you feel about your life? [Just sit on that for a while.]

You are now at a stage of your life [ 40 – 50] where you will either be comfortable or not.

You will be comforted by the fact that you have worked hard to get where you are right now.

You will be comforted by your efforts to “provide” for your future years where play will become more common than work.

Or you will have discomfort knowing that your hard work has not yet paid off, you still have goals to set AND achieve and you are uncertain whether play is but a distant childhood memory and work is something that you need to keep “working at”.Be Brilliant @ 50 Blog post

Rewind time. You are now entering your 40’s. It’s a time of transformation.

You now realise that about half of your life has been lived. That’s a pretty sobering thought.

Even more sobering is this question. “What are you going to do with the next 10 years?” so you can enter the fantastic 50’s with a broad smile on your dial?

This will be a good starting point, and is suggested reading, if I can be so bold.

Living your 50’s brilliantly will be in large, due to how you plan & execute your 40’s. This will give you the confidence that you will carry on into and throughout your 50’s, making any necessary adaptions as you travel along.

Please note this if You are currently in your 40’s :

It’s not about luck, it’s about planning. Not over planning though. You can’t plan every single detail of your life, try as some may.

No, it’s more about setting guidelines [or a framework] that will set you up for success. Something that you are comfortable with, something that will stretch your imagination and have you excited.

Something that will make you think about where you are situated now and where you want to be in a few months/years.

Here are some questions that you could choose to use [or choose your own] to stimulate your thoughts and ideas.

What gives me joy?

What type of work do I love doing?

Am I a go it alone type or do I need support?

What do I want to most achieve in the next 10 years?

What will be my legacy to my family/to others?

How am I currently living each day?

Are there any changes that I need to make to my current lifestyle?

What will happen if I don’t change …?

Where does my family/partner fit into the equation?

When You take aim and get a visual sighting of how you want your life to be … now and in the future, you set in motion all the necessary tools, people and emotions to carry you through.

Are You ready to take aim?

** This post was refreshed April 9 2015

Be good to Yourself


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      Be good to yourself

  • julianne June 24, 2014, 1:27 am

    I hear what you are saying and may have to make a few little adjusts.
    Facial booked tomorrow I am being good to myself .(wink) 🙂

    • David Stevens June 24, 2014, 4:20 am

      Good on You Julianne
      Looking good is a part of the “total package”
      Be good to yourself