[How to] Be Motivated by Life


News Flash! 

Your life is not meant to be left on the shelf and ignored.

It is meant to be lived, to be worked at and enjoyed to the Max.

Oh, hang on, did You just say that awful word “work”?

That’s right, however this “work” has more than the “lure” of money at stake.

It’s Your life that is at stake here.

You cannot bring it to each & every day when you are merely looking on.

Why be left wondering what the hell is happening or how/when you will be affected by what Life throws at you?

However You Can bring it when You are motivated by Life.

And this is where the “work” comes in.How to be Motivated by Life Blog post (1)

There is no stronger motivation than being motivated by Life itself. Yet there are still many of you who tell me that you’re “lacking motivation”.

I suggest that you look around You.

Start looking for the “beauty” in life.

The interactions with others. The places to see and to explore.

The friends that you have and the new friends that you will have.

The lifestyle that You can enjoy.

The vibrancy of it all.

How “far” do you think that you can go in the time that you have on this planet?

How far can you push, stretch and exercise your mind and physical muscles? How far do you want to go?

If you want things to happen, then you must motivate yourself to make them happen.

Do you have the time to “waste” on being unmotivated? ….. watching the world sail by.

The short answer is Yes. Of course you can waste your time, it’s yours afterall.

The long answer? … I think not.

You will have your “flat” spots, just like me. Yes, it’s tough to be motivated all the time. I’m not even sure if that is possible.

Even so, that’s no excuse for looking on and not being involved in life as much as humanly possible.

You have one life only. You have choices to make and many to choose from.

Inactivity is not a desired choice, yet it is one that is readily made.

Yes, you do choose to be inactive.

Every minute that you choose to do this is a minute that your life is missing.

Life is made to be embraced. How about You kick start your thoughts into action?

Then keep them percolating.

Make Plans. Set Goals. Ignite Dreams.

They all come from being active and the motivation to pursue them comes from the excitement of having them come true.

Is that in itself enough motivation for You?

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