Your 8 step guide to upgrading Your life [The 1 year Plan]


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Do You want to know how to “crack the code”? The code that will allow you to elevate your game to new heights, that is!

A few months back I wrote a post titled The 5 Year Plan.

I feel that it is especially relevant to those of You who haven’t considered the years ahead. The start of a bigger picture, you might say. A mini road map to guide you forward.

Today, I’m talking about a 1 year plan.  Something with greater urgency, power and relevancy.

A practical, down to earth Guide to help You change your life  from where it is today, to something much more positive and lasting in 1 year from now .. or maybe even less.

I’ve covered 8 suggested steps to this Guide.  I’m not going to lie to you, there is a lot of work involved [depending on where you are positioned with your life right now] , however the “pay off” will be worth the effort.

1. Assess/ Re assess

What is my starting point? Looking at your current standing, in depth, will give you a clearer picture of what you have achieved so far. It will also divulge whether your current  assets  will be enough to sustain your personal growth into what you have planned [or not?] for your future.

It’s the beginning of the ‘floor plan’. The initial stages of designing and building a more rewarding, successful & exciting structure and phase of your life.

I would encourage you to write down your  assets [what you have going for you, your positives] and in a separate column list, (if any) your  liabilities  [the things that may work against you achieving success].

Be honest, be meticulous. You can’t build a strong, stable structure if you have incomplete floor plans.

2. It [then] begins with the questions

such as:  What can I do to improve my situation? What sort of goals will help me …..?

Why am I where I am? Where do I want to be with my life in [X] Years?

To find answers in your life, questions need to be posed. The right questions. Investigative questions.

If you aren’t sure of which questions to ask to get you heading in the right direction, then “call” me .. I will be happy to help.

The questions that you ask of yourself will also aid in helping you to build your personal assets. Or at least lead you to thinking about what you need to do/who to help you, build those assets.

Questions lead to more questions lead to better answers. Better answers lead to Your  success.Your 1 year plan Blog Post

3. Where do I really want to be in 1 year from now?

This is the ultimate “driver” .. what do You really want?

What you really want can be a 1 year thing only. Or, it may be a stepping stone to a longer term personal “project”.

You may not even know what you truly want at this point however you do know that standing still, is not an option.

And that’s the real impetus. You know that you don’t want to be in the same spot, this time next year.

4. What is do-able, in the short term? [realistic] 

What can I do  now,  to get the ball rolling?  To get me in the mood for more positive actions to come?

You need to make a start. Get some quick fire actions happening that will set you up for even  better & bigger actions down the track.

Start with the easier actions. Gain confidence from “doing”. This is a confidence builder for the future.Don’t worry about getting everything “right” from the get go.

Some of this will be trial & error. The more ”do’s” will give you more “win’s” and less “errors” as you go along.

The idea is to get you going .. before the year gets away & you are still standing where you are currently.

5. What are my resources?

You’ve made a good start. To ensure that you keep going, I suggest that you review the following: Your Skill base. Your Knowledge bank. Your Imagination. Your ability to Dream the life that you want.

Also, practical, hands on equipment. The things that you have at your fingertips that can be used to best advantage. Friends, support groups, mentors.

Evaluate what you do have and look at ways how you can improve on what you don’t have at your disposal.

6. Can I do this alone? 

An important question and a follow on in part from the previous stage. And really one of the most critical components of the 1 year plan.

Be honest, be realistic. If you can’t go the whole distance without help, then seek the required help as early as possible.

This is very important because you want to maintain momentum once you start. You do not want to get to your threshold and stop, wondering what to do next.

So you need to answer this question, take the appropriate action to get what you need and then you’ve helped clear the way forward.

7. Break it down

Mini [seemingly] achievements lead to maximum results. Small steps, baby steps .. you’ve heard that before, I know. This is a similar theory.

Big “blockages” seem daunting at first look. Attacking them in bite size chunks will wear them down in time and give you the encouragement to keep stepping forward. Don’t be fazed by what appears to be a giant obstacle or hurdle.

Go for the ankles, bring that sucker down to it’s knees then you are on course to tear that obstacle apart [metaphorically speaking of course].

8. Have I got what it takes?

When it’s all said & done, you can “tick all of the boxes” above, yet if you fall down in 3 key areas .. determination, motivation, inspiration  then all will come to nought [nil, nada].

Give yourself credit. If you are getting off your butt and seeking an avenue of advancement, then you have something positive going for you.

To answer this question fully, you need to make a start on this 1 year plan. Only then, will you find out how determined you are to change your life’s circumstances for the better. Remember, if you get stuck, ask for help.

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  • Brandon June 4, 2014, 11:05 pm

    David, this is an awesome post! I believe that it applies to my generation as well. As good old Ben Franklin would say, “most people die when they are 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75”. I appreciate your light man!

    Feel free to visit my site (My purpose is to help others to find and cultivate their purpose)