Why Listening is Ultra important in a Coaching Relationship


How would You feel, if you are laying your cards on the table, metaphorically speaking, and You are getting a response that makes little sense?

OR, You ask a question and the answer bears no resemblance to the question that you asked. How would that make You feel?

These may seem a bit on the extreme side but with a Coaching/Mentoring relationship, Listening is Vital.

And not just hearing the words that are spoken.

It’s having a keen eye[ and ear] on every word that is spoken and the way in which it is conveyed.

Is Your Coach paying attention?

Is Your Coach paying attention?

When you are a client [or potential client] of  a Coach/Mentor, you deserve the very best of the listening skills of your Coach/Mentor.

You are an individual and you have your individual needs. Your Coach has to understand this.

One size fits all, doesn’t apply.

I find that a great way to listen effectively to my clients is to feed back [or paraphrase] the clients question or story to them … before I answer.

I usually do that with a response something like this … ”that’s my understanding of your situation/question, have I got it right?”

If your Coach/mentor is doing this, then they are taking an important step to listen to you effectively.

And when the listening is done well, the mutual understanding and the Coach/Coachee relationship, thrives.


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  • Lynne July 18, 2015, 2:56 am

    When I talk to a person and I feel that he/she is not listening I lose interest in what Im saying and do not continue. As a coach I agree that having good listening skills are very important because being able to help others is dependent on understanding what they say and that comes from listening to what they have to say.