Why can’t I achieve My Goals?



Goals. You know about them. You’ve been told that you have to have them. So you set as many as you can.

Yet, try as you may, you have difficulty “getting to the end” with most or all of them. Why?

Today, I will show you the 5 most common reasons that set back your hope of achieving your goals.

For starters, it’s because “the beginning” just wasn’t set up correctly.

What do you mean, I hear you say?

Let me explain.

Any Goal that you are considering setting must have strong meaning for You ….. It will be more of a ‘must do’ rather than ‘I should do’. It will be exciting and it will be a building block toward further goals.

Here are some examples where the ‘meaning” is lacking.

If you are setting a goal to satisfy others, then the meaning for you personally, is likely to be diluted.

If you are setting a goal that “doesn’t get You up in the morning” excited, then it’s likely to fail.

If you are setting a goal just because you think it’s the right thing to do, then again, you are unlikely to succeed.

There is no personal meaning with any of these scenarios. No hook, no personal growth.

You will make a start on these goals however over time, your enthusiasm will falter and you stop OR you may even get to the ‘finish line’ and then not feel like you have achieved anything worthwhile.

And when these types of ‘deflations’ occur, you may start to think that goal setting sucks. And you eventually will give up.Why can't I achieve My Goals- Blog post

Point 1  You must have the “beginning” just right. In fact, exactly right.

Now, before I go any further. An earlier point I mentioned, that not every “goal” is exciting. Most of those “goals” you will find, turn out to be tasks … stuff that you more than likely will have to do at some point anyway. And tasks aren’t much fun, are they?

[The purpose of this post is real life goals. Goals that will make a difference to Your life.]

Point 2 Your full focus isn’t there to start with.

Setting the goal may have seemed a good idea at the time. You can envisage the end result and you know that this should give you a great feeling.

However very soon, you realise that this will take a lot more work than you first thought. You were really wanting some quick results because you know how you should feel when the goal gets achieved.

Any worthwhile goal requires work. Sometimes the “work” is challenging. There is preparation. There is commitment to seeing it through. Sometimes the end play seems a long way into the future.

If you’re not prepared to go the distance, you will lose any focus that you began with. Getting the job done requires maximum focus.

So if you aren’t prepared to spend the time & do the work that is required, then you will easily lose focus.

Focus can also be aided by excitement. When the goal is exciting, focus follows. When the goal has true meaning for you, focus follows. Excitement and meaning are critical if you want to succeed with your goals.

Point 3  Life gets in the way

Even when, you are focused, plans are in place and you are excited about the prospect of achieving your goal … stuff happens. It’s what you do when the ‘stuff’ happens that will determine your eventual goal outcome.

This may mean stretching the end date out. It may mean re assessing some of the action steps. It may even mean making some adjustment to the goal itself. However, it shouldn’t mean shelving the entire idea of the goal and mothballing it entirely. Patch it up and push through.

Don’t give up because the going gets slippery or blockaded. Take some time out, re assess, re think, take a few deep breaths and remember and focus on what it was that got you so excited in the first place.

Point 4  You try to do it all by yourself

It’s natural to want to do everything your self. There are times however, that this is simply not possible if you want the right outcome.

My suggestion is to assess from the ‘get go’ if you need help for the goal which you wish to achieve. This will allow a smooth transition and flow to your goal achievement process.

You don’t need to give up control of your goal to someone else. A valued helper/mentor will partner you in a supportive manner and encourage You to continue with your creativity and hands on workings.

However, if you find yourself ‘stuck’ at any time with your goals, please always consider the help factor. It’s never too late to ask for help. If /when your motivation to achieve is strong, you need to take the actions that are necessary.

And that includes asking for help.

I don’t want your goals to slip away simply because you didn’t seek assistance. Asking for help IS showing strength.

Point 5  You have no end date

Yes, it all seems fine. Everything is humming along just nicely. You’ll get there … eventually. You know those things called distractions? Yes, they do get in the way, don’t they? Priorities alter, other things begin to happen.

When you don’t set an end date for your goal achievement, all your initial efforts and hard work will go to waste. “Getting around to it eventually” will not cut it. It just won’t happen. Your goal will simply float along and become yet another ‘thought bubble’.

When you do set an end date, your focus is on all the steps leading to achievement. You are much more likely to be action oriented. Your enthusiasm is alive. And your excitement and anticipation will build as you step closer to achievement.

Now fellow Goal setter, if you can avoid these then your goal achievement will be so much higher. Best of luck on your goal achieving journey!

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