When is “Wrong”, the right thing to do?


I meet many people who want to do something.

However, they tend to stay in the zone of wanting to. Moving to the next stage of actually doing something about it, seems beyond reach.

Otherwise, every thing appears to be fine. Plans have been made. Celebrations are looked forward to. Anticipation is in the air.

Decisions have been made.

Yet nothing happens.

Why do you think this is so?

Has this happened to you? Is it happening Now?

You have the want to’s but something is stopping you from going any further.

You’ve made the decision, now it should be action time. Time to press the go button. Instead, your decision “to do” becomes a misfire.

It is likely that questions such as these are racing through your mind.

“What if I am making the wrong decision?”

“How could I live with myself?”

“What if I lose money?”

“How could I face my friends and family?”

“What will my partner think?”

And the constant percolating of these questions is often the major reason why you don’t go any further. It’s called “The fear of making wrong decisions”.

Now, whether your decision is “right” or “wrong” may not be apparent immediately.I don't regret my decisions (1) Blog Post

And what is your benchmark for your decision being right or wrong anyway?

If you know that it is “wrong”, it would make sense to decide not to do it.

So if you don’t know that it is “wrong” and you want to do it, doesn’t it make sense to go and do it? Give it a try?

Here’s an example:

Some decision outcomes may not be known for months or even years, like buying real estate as an investment. Many millions of people take advantage of having an additional piece of real estate for retirement purposes and/or additional income.

Over time, has the investment increased in value? By how much? Are the rental returns sufficient? These are not guaranteed outcomes however if you don’t buy, you will never know.

So, making a wrong decision is not a guaranteed outcome. It’s about making your decision stick. However what can be guaranteed is this

If you don’t make the decision to act then you may be living a Life of regret.

Now, that action maybe to go ahead or not to. That’s fine. At least the matter has been put to rest and you can move on.

So when you are really set on wanting to do a particular something, then act upon it. Especially when you have decided that you do want to do this. Don’t cop out, believe your excuses and join the “I wish I had done that” club.

Therefore, I suggest that you transform your mind into a will do factory.

Get the job done. Start clearing your Life of the clutter of a myriad of decisions that have been put “on hold”.

It’s one of the best choices that you can make.


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