What has Conversation got to do with Motivation?


Motivation comes to you in many forms. There are external motivators and internal motivators.

You may have a high level of internal [self] motivation and that is enough to see you through any given challenge. Alternatively, you may well thrive better with some or a lot, of external motivation.

For example: You just watched that inspiring video that is motivating you to go out and get what you want.

You’ve just read some exhilarating material that has you literally, jumping out of your skin, ready to attack what the world has to offer.

Internal [or self] motivation allows you to view life within a constantly positive prism. Set backs are worked through promptly, lessons are learned and you simply get on with life.

The self motivated also thrive on external sources of motivation to fuel their own thirst for maximum motivation.

The self motivated see their life as one huge opportunity to make their own statement upon it.When the Conversation is going

Regardless whether you are self motivated or need external impetus to get and keep you going, there is a strong need for a reliable support mechanism.

The common denominator is conversation. When you have words of encouragement, support, friendly advice and honesty blending in with your own efforts, then your ongoing success is well assured.

Conversation, supportive conversation that is, adds to and also complements your motivational activities.

Conversation of the supportive kind, strengthens your motivation. It binds together your efforts and plugs any motivational deficiency gaps.

Supportive conversation is enduring.

Some external motivators are quick fixes and last only a short while. Your own self motivation can take a battering at times, no matter how resilient you may be.

Conversing with a like minded soul will get your mojo back and drive you on. Supportive conversation can lead you toward even more exciting areas of your life.

It will strengthen your motivation to live your life to the fullest.

And at the end of the day, that’s what you are looking to do, isn’t it?

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