The key link in the Motivation chain


Motivation is always a compelling topic.


“Lack of Motivation.”

“Highly motivated.”

Are the bottom, middle and high points in most conversations. The three phases is what I will call them.

Unmotivated indicates that nothing will move this person from their current state.

Lack of motivation indicates that motivation is possible but not at the moment.

Highly motivated indicates that this person is probably unstoppable, at least for now.

Now this is probably a simplistic explanation of the above three however, not far off the mark, I would suggest.

And that will do for the purposes of this post. Because what I want to do is introduce an important factor into this motivation equation.The missing link in Motivation Blog Post

The Best Conversation will lead to the Best Motivation.

Regardless of what may motivate you [assuming that you do get motivated], the only enduring type of motivation is supportive conversation.

Speaking with someone who understands what you are going through and will support you to move forward is not only re assuring it IS Motivating.

Back to the three phases of Motivation that I mentioned earlier.

Introducing supportive conversation into the mix will enhance the motivation.

That is:

“Unmotivated” needs supportive conversation to see another viewpoint for example. Or a reason to be motivated about their life.

“Lack of Motivation” may simply need some supportive conversation to re ignite that fire within & guide them forward.

“Highly motivated” can benefit from supportive conversation to confirm & cement their plans and actions. And keep them going.

Adding conversation to the mix creates another dimension. In fact it is really the starting point.

You and I are more than likely motivated by different things.

And that’s fine.

The icing on the cake is the Conversation.

When someone understands You, supports and encourages You, then your Motivation moves to a higher level.

And that’s what I do.


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