I don’t know where I am heading in Life


Welcome to Your new road map!

Having a sense of where you are going in life is such a freeing experience.

Your time is now largely absorbed with the thinking of and the taking of those actions, that will get you “there”.

The opposite is also true, when you don’t know where you are going.

Sadly, You may be wasting your energy going around in circles. Your thoughts will most likely be confused and you become frustrated. Let us now, get that sorted out

I know that starting at point A and getting to point B sounds simple enough. Yet it can often involve many of the other letters of the alphabet as well.

It can seem like you travel from point A and eventually end up at point Z.

Usually, determining your “true direction” is a lot of trial and error.

“Begin again” … from the Beginning

Everything has a beginning. It doesn’t have to brand new, it can be a new start to an existing adventure. And that’s what life often is.

Life is an adventure with many twists and turns. Dead ends, tree lined avenues, roundabouts and endless highways.

There will come a point [or points], where You do need to settle down and start again.

The reason that You don’t know where you are heading in life is mainly because you haven’t spent sufficient time thinking about it.

Oh yeah, you’ve thought about it, that’s why you are asking me this question. And that’s why I’m writing this post.

But have you really? Are you really just hoping someone will tap you on the shoulder and “show you the way”?

It all starts with You.

I haven’t come across any definitive “right” or “wrong” way to go about this. I found my direction in life  seemingly by accident. Yet, it later dawned upon me that my “direction” had been evolving over a number of years without me actually realising it. I had been laying down a path all along. But that’s Me.

You possibly have as well. If your path has lead you to a dead end, mentally re trace your steps. Ask yourself when was the last time that things were running smoothly. Begin again from that time. As I said before, your direction can take many twists and turns. Keep going, don’t give up on it. Blog post Simple

Pay attention.

To your thoughts and actions and what goes on around you. What lessons can you glean from them? Is there a pattern? What gets your interest? What has gone wrong that you can learn from?

As sure as night follows day, there will be something that stirs your curiosity. Pay attention, explore further, follow through. Is there something that you have been doing that could hold the key for your future direction?

You don’t need to re invent the wheel. Just re align what you already have.

Think Outrageously

If you are completely stuck, then imagine if you weren’t.

Sound crazy? It’s not. I imagine all sorts of scenarios for myself. Some have come true!

Fair enough though, some have not … Yet.

Put yourself in a different picture. See yourself “doing” different stuff … like being wildly[or at least partly] successful at ????

Go on, You imagine it! If you dig into your imagination, it will shake up your thought processes and shake loose any hidden gems.

The serious stuff.

The above points are serious in their own way however I do get that you may be completely “lost” in all this. There can be various times in life that you do wonder if you are going in the right direction. Or that you have a direction at all.

I’m pretty sure that everyone has questioned themselves in this regard.

Get Help. Ask for it and/or search out people who are “doing it”. Social media platforms can be a great guide. Research the genuine people not the “fake it till you make it” brigade. Follow authentic bloggers. Engage in meaningful conversation with a Life Coach.

Review/Question your Values.

I mentioned “values” in my previous post.

What sort of  beliefs  do you hold? Would there be something that you been “lead to believe” that is blocking you from moving forward? Examine the facts. Does your belief  have evidence to back it, or is it merely hearsay?

When you are working against your Values, then conflict occurs. Completing a “Values Assessment” will reveal your most important held standards and may go some way to revealing a [better] life direction for you.

Seek out a Life Coach to help you with this.

I hope that this has at least, given You some food for thought.


Be good to Yourself


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  • Eric D. Greene September 2, 2014, 2:41 pm

    Hi David, super advice here, this is the kind of article I feel I wish I had read, oh about ten years ago! 🙂 At the time I was lost in life, very dissatisfied, and looking for new direction but not able to find it. I also think it’s very important for each of us to examine the beliefs we hold. (And not just during the times we’re looking for direction!) Ultimately life IS what you make it – or, it can be, if you allow yourself to have that kind of responsibility. – Eric

    • David Stevens September 3, 2014, 12:38 am

      Thanks Eric,
      Am I right to assume that in the last 10 years you have turned your life around?
      Because You can still start again, Today. If not, I congratulate you on grabbing life by the scruff …
      Appreciate you calling in and contributing.

      Be good to yourself

      • Eric D. Greene September 5, 2014, 1:47 pm

        Oh yes, 10 years ago, in my darkest hour so to speak, is when everything began to turn around. I learned to see things in a new light. Every experience is teaching me something about myself, about the world. This life is a spiritual journey in what appears to be material existence. My guiding philosophy these days comes down to three words: Attitude Is Everything.

        You could say, I start again every single morning now! 🙂

        Wishing you all the best David!