How to turn Your Goals into F.I.T. Goals


Goal setting is easy.

Pick something that You want to achieve. Set the intent. And away You go.

Sound simple? In it’s purest form, it is.

However .. are You setting the right types of goal[s]?

If you are going to set goals, make it worth the effort.

For example ..

What is the Big picture? Your Vision of how you want your life to play out.

What aims do You have in say 6,12 months from Now?

Will this goal help you realise a part at least of your Bigger Picture?

Regardless of how simple or difficult your intended goal[s] is to achieve, You spend valuable time on it in the pursuit of bringing it to a close.

So use this time wisely. Build toward a goal[s] that WILL benefit You, Your life and any other beneficiaries.

Test yourself. Consider upgrading the risk factor .. to extreme maybe?

The Reward is in the effort.

Big results come from Big, audacious goals.

Now, You probably should ease yourself into the ‘deep water’.

Build your goal intent from easily manageable to super stretchy.

It takes practise.

However, more importantly, it takes resolve & it takes Action.

This IS Your biggest test.

As I said earlier, setting any old goal is easy.

Setting meaningful goals can be challenging and usually is.  But so is Life.F.I.T Goals PIN

This is where F.I.T. Goals come in.



Totally Committed.

The “fear factor” often comes from our doubts with achievement. “Failure” is a tough word & a tough option. So setting easier, more manageable goals becomes the norm for many.

Being fearless in your goal setting will open your mind toward goals that WILL set you on a higher path. WILL help you set more meaningful goals that WILL bring higher rewards for you personally.

If that’s what You want, then be fearless. If You want ‘easy’ then keep setting easy goals.

Inspiration  often is sought from external factors/people. “I want to be/feel inspired” is a common sentiment I hear from clients and people generally.

I reply, ‘How would You feel if you could continually inspire yourself?’

After some puzzled looks it becomes smiles all round.

Self inspiration is one of the greatest things. Doors open, obstacles begin to erode, thought processes enlighten And Goal setting becomes An Adventure!

Commitment  isn’t a half baked pie.

When You commit to something/someone, You should be going All in. Total.

Same with your goals.

Only when You give Total commitment have you the best chance of goal achievement. Anything less is courting disaster .. and frustration .. and constant muttering that goals don’t work.

Commitment people. Total Commitment. This IS  the game.

Now, having said all that, flicking the switch from fearful to fearless, from seeking inspiration to becoming self inspired and from partial commitment to total commitment can be a task in itself.

If You have the “Will” to improve your goal setting capabilities, then you have the motivation to begin your F.I.T. Goal evolution.

I’m not going to leave you in the lurch with this.

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