How to Step out With Purpose especially if your year is “out of step”


This Year is now half over. [You already know that, right?]

Half a year of positive steps, Big surprises and goals kicked to the kerb ….. or has it been?

Big things were supposed to happen this Year, weren’t they?

I wanted you to set some amazing goals and open yourself up to outlandish opportunities. Or fresh opportunities at the very least.

Have You been stopped, dead in your tracks? Have there been a stream of excuses that have slowed you down?

This year was to be the year when “someday” was eradicated from your vocabulary … and your mindset.

This year was going to be “Today, I will start taking the steps to achieve this …”, type of year.

If you want to end the year on a high note, then please read on.

Let’s start again. Let’s regain our footing.

Starting over is OK. You always have this Choice. Today is Your new beginning.

Starting Today, I want You to make the next 6 months super productive. Small steps will be necessary early on. However as you have time to make up, larger steps will need to come into play much earlier.

Remember, time can be your friend when it is used wisely.

Today is yours to grab hold of. Now, not tomorrow. [no time to waste]


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Each step will need to have significance. And because of this significance … I want You to say “Yes” more often.

This is Your Purpose for the remainder of this Year.

Say “Yes” to opportunity. Yes to opening your mind. Yes to taking action. Yes to following through. Yes to believing in You. Yes to setting the goals that matter.

Saying “Yes” will assist in unlocking any barriers, free your mind and focus and will open up your stride [larger steps].Canva Design Blog post Purpose

Now that you have set your purpose, you will begin to realise the importance and meaning of every step that you are taking.

With all these Yes’ stacking up behind You and supporting your every move,  purpose  becomes your Modus Operandi.

Now that you are nearing full stride, You will need to have an end goal to really cap off your year. Something that will make you proud. Something that will make all your steps worthwhile. A Real Goal. Not something that is ‘wishy washy’.

Here are some questions that may open up your idea bank.

  • What is it that can draw/does draw you in?
  • What is it, that when achieved, will make a huge difference to you/your life?
  • What is it, that will be a building block to further successes in the coming years?
  • What do You love doing?
  • What can’t You do without?

Today is the start, not tomorrow. Can I count on You to finish off Your year on a high?

Be good to Yourself


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