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Being alone gives you time to think things through. It can be a time for contemplation, maybe meditation. It can be a time for planning or a time for dreaming. It can be a time for setting fresh goals or deliberating on ones that are in motion.

It can also be a time to re-run your stories through your head. Being alone can be beneficial …  however “being alone” and carrying the burden of ”stories untold” can be frightening.

Life gets away very quickly. Living a story that is confusing or overwhelming or unsatisfied, must be frustrating. Even more so when you feel that you have no one to share this with and who will understand your situation.

Sometimes … you just need someone to talk to

Someone to act as a sounding board. Someone to support you. Someone you can question.

You know that your story can change. You know that you deserve a better story. You even have some great ideas that will, with a little help, turn your life story into a  best seller.

However, trusting and sharing your story with another is a big step. It’s holding you back, I know this to be true.

I also know that you need to do yourself a favour … relieve some of the weight from your shoulders. It’s never too late to begin changing your life. Why put up with the things that are pulling and keeping you down?

Sometimes … you just need someone to listen to You

Do You just carry on regardless, ignoring the ‘pain’? Soldiering on, you fearless Life Lover, you? Some walls you can jump however there are many that you will keep running into and coming off second best. You can only run into so many walls before you will get really hurt. Only if I had someone to talk to about this, I hear you say. Someone who will listen AND understand … or at least try to.

And the “hurt” will linger on and the frustration will continue to build. Why must this be so?

You’ve probably noticed by now that I have been talking to You.

Don’t worry, this is just between the two of us. I know your strengths and I know your weaknesses. You see, I’ve been where you are currently at. I had the dreams … and the sense that I had a better story to tell.Blog4

But I kept it to myself. No, that’s not quite right. I wanted to get this new, fresh story out however I resisted. No, that’s not right either, I didn’t really resist.  Something intangible was pulling me back. I just could not reach out … far enough. Though I wanted to.

Fortunately, my motivation to  change my story  became so strong that I did reach out. It was a big step, bigger in my mind at least. It was really quite simple when I looked back on it. The ‘enormity’ was only in my mind.  I was creating the wall. And I needed to talk with someone who  would  listen to me.

Sometimes … you need to find someone who will listen to and understand You

If you’re “hurting”, or feel that there is more that you can achieve, or you simply want to start again … make the decision to seek out the person who will listen to your story and get it reading the way that you would like.

Reach out, ask. You cannot do it all.

You have what it takes. Just put the icing on the cake and tell that someone about it.  Re write your story and then You have something to Give.

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Be good to yourself


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  • Chris April 17, 2014, 12:09 am

    David, thank you for this. It feels like it’s written for me because this is where I am at the moment. Although there is someone I talk to, I oftentimes feel more confused after our chat.

    But you’re right, the baggage needs to be cleared out

    • David Stevens April 17, 2014, 1:49 am

      I did write this for you, Chris.
      You need someone to Listen AND understand where you’re coming from. Thanks for commenting.
      Be good to yourself

  • Victor April 21, 2014, 3:12 pm


    You are so right — sometimes the solitude can be beneficial, but sometimes we really need to have someone to talk to in order to release the “chatter” that can be detrimental to our success in life (or sanity in some cases). It’s great to have someone who you can go to to talk, and it’s great if you can also be there to listen to them when they have something to say too. Great message today. Gives me something to think about. Have a good one!

    • David Stevens April 21, 2014, 9:28 pm

      Hi Victor,
      It’s really a simple concept but one that many have trouble taking a step toward. Reach out.
      Appreciate you taking the time to contribute.
      Be good to yourself