How to achieve Your Life Goals – 4 key ingredients that You must have


I talk a fair bit about Goals. However, what I talk about more is how you can shape your life with your goals. How about You and I drill down some more with this?

Setting a goal and achieving a goal are two different things. Anyone can set a goal.

Having said that, I know that when you set a goal correctly, achievement is virtually assured. The “correctness” is where this is won.

Unfortunately, this is where the achievement for many, often goes astray.

Let me explain.

There are four(4) key areas that I would suggest that you concentrate on when setting a goal.Life Goals Blog Post


Will it [this particular goal] aid my personal growth?

Will it satisfy my soul [give me the warm fuzzies] and will it give me the results that I want in my Life right now [action taking] And when I achieve the goal?

When you see reward, you are much clearer on what this goal will give to you. And also much clearer on the steps toward achieving it.

2.Value [your time]

The time spent on achieving your goal has to be worth it. Some goals may take months, if not years to bear fruit.

So, are you prepared to spend the time necessary to work toward your goal achievement?

Commitment to the task or tasks involved in working through the goal process needs to be unwavering. If you are not committed or do not have or are not willing to spend the time  ..  then do something else.

OR, enlist the help of someone who can help you with the necessary processes.


Fuels ongoing motivation.

Be excited about  setting a goal that will give your Life great results.

If it doesn’t excite you then find something that does. One of the main destroyers of goal achievement is the lack of ongoing motivation.

It can wane after a period of time. When the excitement is there, you can’t wait to achieve your goal, so then motivation shouldn’t be a problem.

Key point here

Don’t just be excited about setting your goal.

feel the excitement upon achieving your goal.


Why you do it, the difference it will make, the pleasure, the joy, give me more of this type of feeling.

A Goal without meaning, is no goal at all. Meaning will vary for each of us. When true meaning is applied  ..  It’s deep. It’s truthful. There’s no avoiding it. It lights your fire.

How are you doing with Your Goals?

Do they excite You?

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Be good to yourself


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** This post is a refresh of a post from February 2013


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  • jonnie April 7, 2015, 4:15 pm

    Finding meaning and passion do fuel you to your goals and dreams.
    I am learning this more and more in my life. I am 53 I am always discovering new things about myself . That we change in many ways over our life time. Thank you for your site it is a new tool for me.

    • David Stevens April 11, 2015, 2:22 am

      Thank You for reading jonnie. Hope that things continue to improve for You.