How I can begin to change my life for the better


Knowing that you want to achieve something important in your life, and change it for the better, yet not knowing where or how to start, is one of the most difficult and frustrating situations that you can find yourself in.

Here are the first Two steps to changing all that.

Firstly, right from the get go, You need to know: What is it that is important to You?

From my experience both personally and with my clients, this is the most challenging of questions. Most people who are unhappy with their lives haven’t, [yet] worked out what is really important to them.

This is where it all starts if you really want to change your life from where it is now.

You will, like I have on numerous occasions in the past, spent time on things that are unimportant.

Though we both thought that they were important at the time, very important. However, over time you came to realise that “urgent” doesn’t necessarily mean important, or that You do have other choices.How You can Change Your life Blog Post

The follow up to all this?

I suggest that you firstly determine your priorities in life and what Values you want to live your life by.

Doing this will help clear the path for some serious action taking down the track.  Because once you have your priorities and Values in place AND in sync, it will clear the decks of  stuff that has held you back from being your better self.

You will be pushing aside the thoughts, activities and the time spent wasted, on previous non-value efforts.

It is fair to say that determining your Values and priorities will take time. However, it will be time well spent. It is that important.

And it will give you a solid platform from which to work. There are a number of “tools” to assist you in clarifying your Values and coaching/mentor help is available if needed, to assist you to nail down your [current & future] priorities in life.

This isn’t a half-assed affair. To get it right, ask for the right help. 

Taking action [the 2nd step] on what is truly important to you is freeing.  More powerfully, when you have determined your path, your steps will become energised. Knowing where you are going & the choices that you need to make strengthens your action.

When you have determined your important issues for your life, your Values, your Priorities then I strongly suggest that you follow through with a Plan. Loose or rigid, it must have a structure that will suit your [new] life. This is part of taking action.

Sitting on your hands won’t change your life. Being motivated to follow through, will.

Find out what is important to you and then take the action to make all of this happen.

If you need extra help, please get in contact with Me.


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