Do you listen to the Excuses that you give?


Yes, you did read it correctly. Do you listen to your Excuses? Some are intentional I know, some are not.

Some of your excuses are uttered. Some of your excuses are only thought. Either way, do you listen to them?

The ‘thought ones’ are the ones that worry me the most.

My dear friend Elle Sommer wrote  a fine post the other day which opened with a quote. The last four words of this quote stuck with me “….. never sell yourself short.”

Taking that a little further, I believe that many of your ‘excuse thoughts’ come from you doubting your own ability. And when I say “your” ability, I include myself in this.

I’ve reflected on this the past couple of days and proceeded to search out areas in my life, where I may have ”sold myself short”.

There are a few.

Now that I have exposed my frailities [or my deep doubts],you may be wondering why I am writing a post on ‘Excuses’, highlighting the ones that you give?

Well, you and I are both on a learning curve. And part of that curve is self discovery. I know a lot about ‘excuses’. I hear plenty of them in my Coaching sessions and a gazillion of them in my Real Estate and Banking days prior.

And now, I am discovering more. So, writing posts like this is good for me & hopefully for you as well.

Back to the ‘thought excuses’. You can easily regiment yourself into ‘one channel thinking’ when, if a request or opportunity comes your way, if it is not within your guidelines, it is dismissed.

‘Naaah, that wouldn’t work”. “I couldn’t possibly do that”. You have validated your objection  with reason. Congratulations on that. Just kidding.

But did you Listen to your thought? One channel thinking is on it’s own frequency. You need to scan for more options. More channels that will give you better thought options. What I mean is this …

Listening to your thoughts, playing them back in your head can give you a different perception. Perhaps not straight away, because it does takes practise.excuses 1

Just listening on the one channel will give you the same program or reception day in, day out. Re-runs of the same soap opera would be a good example.

When you select different channels on your TV & view different programs, you get more variety. Different messages, different thought lines and different story lines come into play.

So switch channels in your head & gain a fresh perspective by really “listening” to and de-constructing your excuse/objection. You may then begin to ask questions like …..

“Are there any facts to support this[excuse]? On what basis do I dismiss this request/opportunity? Am I in need of upskilling or learning new skills? Am I being lazy? Do I simply just want to avoid this request?”

When you spend time reviewing your excuses, you may just find that with some [or a lot] of these, you are either forfeiting genuine opportunities [for no particular reason]or you need to look at ways of improving your position, if you want to take up these opportunities in future.

I suggest that if you want to eliminate future ‘lost opportunities’ that you practise listening to you excuse thoughts. Weed out the ‘fault areas’, work on them so that you are prepared for the next opportunity that comes your way.

What frequency are you currently on? I know that I have to switch channels every now & then.


Be good to yourself


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  • Elle October 23, 2013, 8:59 pm

    Hi David…this is so very true. In fact I found myself today needing to switch channels…selling ourselves short and making excuses is a good habit to lose.

    And thanks for the mention. 🙂

    • David Stevens October 23, 2013, 9:40 pm

      No problem Elle!
      Thanks for being here & contributing
      Be good to yourself

  • melissa October 27, 2013, 6:10 pm

    So right in tune with what I am trying to get across. You’ve said it so beautifully. Reprogramming our thoughts and downloading new perspectives and beliefs is such a wonderful experience. Getting out of our own way to move forward and change our lives for the better! Win Win! Thanks so much for sharing 😉

    • David Stevens October 27, 2013, 11:21 pm

      My pleasure Melissa and thank you so much for calling in and leaving your very supportive comment.
      Be good to yourself