Are You “in the Game”? 4 ways to play your best


Do you have anything getting in the way of your goals & dreams at the moment? Get in touch with me right away… I will help you with fresh, practical solutions, so that you CAN break down walls and achieve your Goals … because that’s what I do. Remember, the right  Coaching & Support adds tremendous Value to your life … and you do like value, don’t you?


Hi there.

The best game in town is The Game of Life.

How You play it is entirely up to you.

However, many of you are finding yourself ‘out of play’ and try as you do, can’t get into the game to play it effectively enough.Blog13

Is this You? 

Is your life simply moving on without satisfaction?

You are frustrated?

There are things that you want to achieve but can’t get started … or finished?

Your life is getting away from you … fast.

While the Game of Life is the bigger picture, you and I play in different ways for much of the time.

And that’s the beauty of life. You will have certain goals and dreams for YOU. I have certain goals and dreams for ME.

And that’s why I have established a specific “Playing the game of Your Life” coaching special.

There are four(4) x 1 hour sessions designed to have You playing the best game that You want to play. These sessions will be played via Skype or face to face if you are in my local area. The sessions will be one – on – one. You will receive commonsense, practical solutions, feedback and a personal game plan.

Because the Game of Life is individual, there are no rigid pre-conceived rules. There is a Framework however and it’s sole design is getting you to the top of your Game. This Framework will include:

Listening to you to understand how your Life is going now and what obstacles that may be in your way toward improvement.

Adapting  and working through the changes you will need to make to play a better game/enjoy life more

Creating your best game and your game plan … Goals, Action steps, Direction and Vision for your future

Sounds pretty simple? It is really … and it’s painless. The only difficulty is that you need to make a start. You just have to be motivated to want to improve things in your Life. Then together, we can make it happen!

As each one of you is at a different stage of play, I will help you move on to a better game from wherever your current position is. 

In addition to the four x 1 hour sessions, you will also receive unlimited support via email over the four week period plus … for as long as you need it.

So, if you feel a little out of place where things aren’t going as smoothly as you would like, then spending just 4 weeks on getting your game into shape will be time well spent ….. don’t you think?

I want you to be playing your best game and enjoying your Life.

So therefore as an Added bonus ….. this special Coaching package is 50% off your normal investment! … 4 sessions for the price of only (two)2.

What are You waiting for? Contact me Now …  Let’s get Playing! … and getting your life on track.

This link will be your ticket to your game. Go to “2 session package $125/Buy Now” and pay securely via PayPal. (that’s AUD$ so for my U.S friends it’s a bit cheaper now that the exchange rate is below parity)


Now that’s adding value to your game! See you there.

Be good to yourself


Mid Life Coach. 

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