7 clues to one of your biggest Life mysteries


Who doesn’t like a “mystery”?

I think that we all do. However when I’m talking about your life, I am pretty sure you would rather have all the mysteries cleared up.

One of the biggest mystery type questions that I get is “I am not sure where I am headed in Life?”  or words to that effect.

This is one of the most common ‘dilemmas’ that my clients present to me. Would you like to know if you are heading in the right direction?

I am pretty sure that you would.

Here are 7 clues that indicate your current “direction” may be the wrong one. How about you test them out?

1. Are you really enjoying what you are doing?

Not everything in Life is enjoyable. We have to do things at times, that are downright miserable. Putting that aside however, it’s little point continuously doing stuff, day in day out that you don’t enjoy.

Spend time analysing what  you do enjoy  and spend more time on that. This in turn could lead you to a bigger picture of what you really should be doing with your Life.

2.What is your Gut telling you?

Listen carefully.  Your inner workings have subtle and mostly accurate ways of telling you what is best.

If there’s something gnawing away at you, investigate further. Ask yourself …

How long has this been going on? Does it seem right? What are the risks of following/not following my gut instinct?

If these types of questions are invading your headspace, seek the counsel of someone to drill down into this issue if you are unable to make enough sense of it. I know someone who would be delighted to help you.7 clues to your biggest Life mystery Blog post

3. What is pulling You?

Again, this can be subtle or it can be obvious. This is an intangible that throws out hints as you step through Life.  This is a feeling that there is something else waiting for you to discover about yourself and grab hold of.

It may well take time for the full reveal but it’s worth paying attention to. Is there something that you are drawn to regularly?

We can adopt the habit of forcing the issue … not always with the best result. When there is something pulling you, beckoning you to investigate further, then this is much more powerful.  Take notice.

4. If you are restless,  then there is a message

You may have a sense of adventure, you dislike being tied down to any one place, job or relationship. You have the feeling that there is something missing in your Life. If there’s something more waiting out there for you, go searching.

Restlessness can be the precursor to something bigger in your Life.  Again, if you can’t nail this down … seek the help of someone who can.

5. You enjoy making your actions count for something.

If your current life situation/job/love life is not giving you the spark that you are looking for then change is necessary.

When your actions count, they give you meaning and purpose. Things, issues, life situations that fall short on this will leave you feeling flat. Changing your circumstances to something that will give you this purpose, is the only way to rekindle the spark.

6. Curiosity is an interesting trait. Being curious opens up more possibilities. If you are frequently curious about the “what if’s” in this world, it may be time to satisfy your curiosity.

Begin by exploring possibilities outside your current  sphere of certainty.  Curiosity can be like “potential” …  it’s a heavy load to carry. Take that first step and see where your curiosity can take you.

7. You just don’t get it

Or life doesn’t get you. The proverbial square peg in the round hole of Life. You are not fitting in to your current circumstances.

You have either restricted/constricted your comfort zone so far that it has you gasping for air or you never had a zone where you felt comfortable in the first place.

When you are living in an  uncomfort zone  … it’s time to bail out and seek fresh pastures. “Not getting it” is a sign for new beginnings … and a (fresh) direction.

Do any of these scenarios ring a bell for you? Feel free to comment below and share on your favourite Social Media channels.

#This post was refreshed March 6 2015 


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  • Julie Barrett April 18, 2013, 12:22 am

    Loved this, David! These are all bell weathers on the road of life. Heeding what you’ve said will make huge differences. Thank you 🙂

  • Betsy/Zen Mama April 18, 2013, 1:42 am

    Wonderful post David!
    I love the gut and the restlessness tips. But all are great ones! Thanks for sharing!

    • David Stevens April 18, 2013, 2:02 am

      And thank You Betsy … so glad that you enjoyed
      be good to yourself

  • Cathy Taughinbaugh April 18, 2013, 10:55 pm

    Inspiring post, David. Being curious can lead us into all sorts of interesting directions. It is worth it to follow your gut! Take care!

    • David Stevens April 18, 2013, 11:42 pm

      Thankyou Cathy,
      Appreciate your kind words and support.
      Be good to yourself

  • Glynis Jolly April 20, 2013, 1:51 pm

    I think I’ve always been the square peg trying to fit on the round hole. To tell you the truth, I feel rather comfortable with it, at least now that I’m older. I don’t feel comfortable when I’m saying whatever everyone else thinks I should say or looking the way that makes everyone feel that I’m fitting in. I guess I’m just a little wierd.

    • David Stevens April 20, 2013, 10:04 pm

      As long as you are comfortable and doing your best, Glynis.
      Thanks for being here and contributing.
      be good to yourself

  • maryrose April 25, 2013, 4:43 am

    You just hit all the points I wander through and over these days…
    Good post….looks manageable when I see my thoughts in your organized
    Thank you
    Take Care…

    • David Stevens April 25, 2013, 10:39 am

      My Pleasure Maryrose,
      Thankyou for taking the time to call in and contribute, much appreciated
      Be good to yourself