6 steps to Glory [part 2]


Hi again! This  post is the follow on from last week’s  [Part1]. There you will remember, I identified 6 critical steps in order, that I believe, will get you on the path to glory/success/happiness/feelgood/goal achievement or however you would like to describe it.

I used the word “glory” … sounds kinda emphatic.

Today, let us delve a little deeper and unlock what each of these steps mean for You in hopefully, uncomplicated B.S free language.

Choose your best direction 

There will be times when you will feel at the crossroads, looking to the left, the right, behind and straight ahead. You may feel either vulnerable, confused, scared, excited, lost OR perhaps a combination of all of these?. There are few times in your life where you should stand still because, “life” is always on the move. This may however, be a good time to do just that, stand still.

Stand still and choose your next move. Think. Act. Follow. Make the choice that bests suits you at this time and then act decisively.  Don’t worry and freeze on the spot. You are taking the direction which you choose at this time. If it doesn’t work out, change course. Choosing a direction is the kicker and will start your path to glory. Whether it’s this particular choice or a subsequent one, you have started your own well of inspiration.  Still unsure?  Then have a read of a post I wrote a little while back on how to choose the direction that is right for You. You can read it here

Imagine what the finish line will look and feel like

Dovetails beautifully into the first step and really is a [major] part of your directional choice in my opinion. Picturing and feeling the path ahead all the way to the ‘finish line’ gives impetus to your choice and subsequent actions.  When the feeling is good & vibrant then your actions will mirror that. Your direction will feel “right”. Please note that you will probably have numerous ‘finish lines’ in your life … one for each decisive choice that you make. Some will “feel” better than others. If it’s not right for You then choose a new course. Your end goal is to  locate the best course/path for you.Your best steps

Have a Mentor

Stepping out is great. Sometimes going it alone feels fresh and alive and exciting. And so it should do. However with the right support, your steps can feel even more invigorating, fresh and exciting. Someone to pick you up when you stumble on the trails of life. Someone to help you navigate successfully on your chosen path. Someone to share your successes. Someone to listen to your story & inject fresh ideas when your progress stalls. It’s one of the best moves that you will ever make. You can still walk alone but keep your Mentor’s cell phone number handy, just in case.

Draw up a Life Plan

 I mentioned earlier that you will have “numerous finish lines”. Different changes in direction resulting from different choices along the way and the odd unplanned detour will play a part. Now that you have a Mentor, a Map or Plan will cement that relationship. It will overview your whole scene and provide you with the comfort and overarching strategy that your life adventure is on track. Where do You want your adventure to finish?


Motivate yourself to take each step

The groundwork has been laid. Now the hammer must fall. Starting is always the hardest. You’ve done well so far. Preparation. Connection. All the plans in the world rely on success by taking the right steps. Support is at hand – you have a mentor. For the mentor to be truly effective, you need to be motivated to hold up “your part of the deal”. So, there’s really no reason for you not to do this, right? There’s enough motivation for you to draw on already… you’ve showed yourself that. Just take the first step … and the next, there’s really nothing to worry about.

Take action and follow through on your previous steps 

And yes, this is not a one hit wonder. Steps, snags, obstacles all come at a cost. More steps need to be taken. You will need to ‘keep the dream alive’ and dig deep at times. One step after another will see you get the job done. Check in with your Mentor if your steps begin to falter. Support. Encouragement. The finish line draws ever nearer. And the steps will become easier.

Your ‘glory trail’ is now on fire [figuratively speaking]. Step it out, keep dreaming and keep following through [thru].

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  • David Stevens March 3, 2014, 8:59 pm

    That’s important Glynis … someone to talk to, someone to support you. Thanks for sharing.

    Be good to yourself