5 Questions that go to the heart of You


There are So many questions in life that simply have to be asked.

In many cases, the answers that You give, will define You.

I’ve selected just five[5] questions that I believe, when answered, will help steer your life on a favourable course.

You may not be able to answer them straight away. However, if you choose to follow through on these, your answers no doubt will delight you.

1.  Are my dreams achievable or imaginary?

Dreams are a large part of your creative juices. Without them, creativity becomes a shadow, not a light.

However, the dreaming is just one part of the whole equation. The dream is the spark.

Following through on the dream keeps the flame burning. And following through with energy, planning and desire will go a long way in making your dream/s achievable.

Dreaming and just “wishing” your dream to come true, with no follow through, falls into the imaginary basket.

Are You up to the follow through?

2. What do I want my Life to look like in 12 months from now?5 questions blog post

Not to get too far ahead of yourself however picturing how you want your Life to be in 12 months will make a difference to your Life today.

Imagining and placing into action today, what you want to achieve at reference points in the future, quite simply “keeps the dream alive”.

And it keeps your focus on the right game.

You are percolating, not stagnating. You are creating. And that’s a pretty good place to be.

Failing to even consider your Life beyond today, next week … will very likely leave you at the mercy of “whatever happens”.

It’s fine to  go with the flow …  providing you are holding a very strong paddle.

Considering, planning, actioning what you want to happen will see you constantly in the flow that suits you.

3. If I fail, will I try again?

There are many quotes on ‘getting up again’ after being knocked down/out/back. The question you must ask of yourself “Will these quotes mirror my Life?”

“Failure” is a word and an outcome, there’s no escaping that. How much power this word and the outcomes that will occur wield over you, is largely your choice.

How many times did you fall down before you began to walk?

You won’t remember however it was plenty.

And you didn’t give up, did you?

Fast forward many years and you are faced with similar scenarios. You will fall down (fail) many times. I have. To develop and grow on a personal level, you must keep on trying.

Trying, changing, perservering. This will get you places. It’s easy to give up however that is when your growth stalls.

Do you want that to happen to You?

4. What do I believe are 3 keys to my Happiness?

The never ending pursuit of happiness. But what is it really? There are levels of happiness and people all over the world reside at different levels of this.

Only You can answer what happiness means to you and what it is, that will bring you, your own desired level of happiness.

One major lesson that I have learned is determining what my level of happiness best suits me and constantly working on those key elements that make it so.

Work it out early, so that you are not chasing elusive & some time imaginary, ”happiness triggers”.

5. Is my Love for what I do, strong enough?

Do you just do things for the sake of it or do you have genuine love for what you do?

I’m talking in the broader sense here because it’s obvious that you can’t love everything that you do.

Some stuff just sucks, yet it has to be done.

However there are the “majors”. Work, play, relationships.

Is the “love” strong enough here? Will it stand up to the pressure of any disappointments that could occur?

There’s no right or wrong answers. But you want to be sure that you are in the right game or you may need to find a better one to play.

Do any or all of these questions resonate with You?

If you have any questions about your life that are troubling you, contact me & together we’ll find the answers.


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