4 ways to keep going when life seems ALL Uphill


Hi again.

Does Life seem like a constant uphill battle for You?  At least some of the time, anyways?

Sure you can get some downhill slides and free and easy level patches but 

it’s the uphill battles that are the hardest fought.

I was watching the latest stage of cycling’s Tour of Spain the other morning. It gave me cause to reflect on life when you are faced with uphill challenges.

And these guys were facing some serious climbs.Does Life sometimes feel All Uphill?

Stay calm when things aren’t going your way

Things won’t go your way on occasion. Life is like that. There will be times, no matter how well you prepare, things will simply not work out.

If you have ”done the work” however, then you really need to ride through it the best way you can.

Doing the work is my way of saying that You have prepared, You have set your goals [or at least your direction] and you are committed to following them through.

Knowing this [that You have done the work] will be your strength. Things will work out eventually. Bide your time, keep preparing, keep showing up, wait for the opening and then make your move.

Know when to “accelerate” even when it’s tough

Others will find the going tough and will simply give up. Some will persist and work through the ”climb”. The ones who see the opportunity to further toughen their skills and resolve, will pounce and seize their chance to lengthen stride when others are floundering.

Again, if you “have done the work” then this will be You.

Plan to minimise your losses

If it clearly is not going to be your day, then don’t punish yourself. Let go of the frustration and the need [to validate your efforts].

Tough your way through, find traction, an anchor point from which to move forward again and just get to the end. There will be another day to show up.

Don’t get involved in others’ problems

Maintaining focus on your objectives is your primary concern. You need your energy to be used where it most counts not wasted where it doesn’t.

Energy is such a valuable tool and it works best when it is maximised … on You and your Goals. Distractions are often your worst enemy. Taking your mind off the job can be costly.

Some distractions can’t be avoided however. Ride through them as quickly as it’s possible then re focus on the adventure ahead. Don’t let them get a hold on you and ruin your “ride”.

I hope these 4 tips can be of benefit to You.


Be good to Yourself


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