4 Questions, 3 Steps and 1 Big Attitude


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This little phrase popped into my head recently.

“The level of my success is directly related to my Attitude toward it” …

Now, I dream of success and I take action that will lead me toward success.

I also have a picture of what ‘success’ actually looks like [for me]. It will no doubt be different for You.

But it’s the Attitude thing that’s got me thinking again.

I can easily pump myself up and prepare myself for my [hopefully] inevitable success. And that will last a day or two … perhaps a week.

Then regular injections of Motivation and Inspiration will keep me going/topped up in the direction of my ‘success’.

Attitude however is in my opinion, the litmus test here. 

Motivation and Inspiration are terrific assets however if they aren’t in sync with your attitude[toward success], then you are driving the highway of your life with one deflating tyre [tire for my North American friends].

Attitude is that intangible that either drives you forward or drives you away.

For me, these Four Questions come to mind.

What is success? Will I know it when success comes a knocking? Am I prepared for success? Do I actually want success [do I give a toss]?

These 4 questions appear simple in their makeup however will define Your “success” [pun intended] or otherwise with your life. The last question is the real ‘Attitude tester’ as far as  success  is concerned.

You can argue that if you have a positive attitude in general, then you will work all of this out. Now I am assuming that you all want some level of success in your life. Many of you will already be achieving some sort of success & will be working on more. Again, there will be many who feel they haven’t reached the success that they yearn for.

I feel that there is a Bigger Attitude other than simply being Positive, needed here to climb ‘Success Mountain'[another well worn phrase]. Yes, you can be positive, which helps enormously. At least it helps with your thinking, but it takes more than that.

How deep does your positivity go?  That’s the test.

And while I am talking about ‘deep’, we’re heading even deeper as far as ‘success’ is concerned. I’m suggesting that  it’s the way that you feel. This is the Bigger Attitude.Attitude1

You and I are ‘feeling beings’. What you do or more importantly, what you want to do, is determined by how you  feel  about it.

Your Attitude about this or that has to feel right. ‘Feeling’ adds another level to your positivity & your Attitude. It’s the deeper Positive Attitude that I’m talking about here that will get the job done … this is Big.

You can be positive on the surface [and I’ve met plenty who fit this bill] however to go the full distance, your Attitude needs an injection of the correct amount of feeling. All the fibres in your body type feeling.

100% feeling. You give it all.

How do You feel about that?

So what steps can you take to improve your attitude toward success or anything that plays Big in your Life?

# Make sure that you want it .. really, really want it.

# Make sure that it feels right .. feels good. Absolutely 100%.

# Make sure that your back up crew, Motivation & Inspiration, are ready to fire.

I welcome your thoughts & will love you to share this on your favourite Social Media channels.


Be good to yourself


Mid Life Coach.

Motivation to get you started & to get you there.

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  • Elle November 7, 2013, 8:38 pm

    This is so true David. So often we miss out on ‘success’ whatever that means to us because we can’t get into the feeling that goes right along with it. There are times when success simply comes with a feeling of relief, rather than excitement or satisfaction. Dig deep and see what you really feel is great advice.

    • David Stevens November 7, 2013, 10:06 pm

      Thank You Elle,
      It’s gotta feel right!
      Be good to yourself

  • Stuart Young November 11, 2013, 1:36 pm

    Hi David, coincidentally I asked a similar question on my FB page today: ‘How do you know if you are on track?’ – my personal answer is the way I ‘feel’. This is an excellent post asking some penetrating (yet simple) questions. I am asking myself these right now as I reread them. No matter who we are and what we might know, it’s so important to be reminded from time to time. Thanks mate for the timely reminder. 🙂

    • David Stevens November 11, 2013, 9:46 pm

      Hi Stu,
      Thanks for calling in. Feeling is a huge priority, glad you also feel this … and you are on track. The simple questions are often the best. Thanks again.
      Be good to yourself