3 essential tips for getting the best help with your Goals


Hi Again.

This is not your usual story about Goals. Firstly and foremostly, it is a story about You.

And I’m sure that You have a story to tell. Many of them, no doubt.

However I know that you have a story at the moment that you are really itching to tell.

Because it’s important. And because time is of the essence.

You just need someone to listen. And that’s your problem.

Who? and How?

This is a fairly typical scenario played out across the world every day, I would expect.

Life changes are inevitable. Your priorities will alter as time goes on.

Yet with those changes, your need for the right support will also alter.

The “story” that I’m talking about is found in your current life ambitions. You can call them goals if you wish.

There are changes that you want to make … And it’s a story that you also want to have a happy ending.

At this point though, it is a spark that you simply want to have ignited into a flame.

The goals will come later and will form the framework of the larger picture, being your ambition.3 Tips Blog Post

What now then?

“Change” can be a difficult transition. Therefore if you decide to change some things in your life, you need to prepare as well as possible beforehand.

Before approaching a Coach or Mentor, consider these 3 tips:

Prepare your “story” so that it’s easily read

Have a good sense of what you want to achieve. When you know, then your support/mentor will be better placed to help and guide you forward.

Other questions to consider: Do you know what is the best outcome that you are looking for in the short term?

What would you like to see happen in the mid term. And what is your ideal “ending”?

What are the facts as you know them

Is there a back story? If so, does it play a part in your current/future situation. Your “back story” may include your awareness of any Limiting beliefs, any other barriers, other people who may be affected by the changes that you want to make.

Other considerations in this area could include whether you have  tried this before. What happened if you did? And if so, what will be different this time?

Is it a story worth listening to or is it a fairy tale

Do you have the commitment to work to make this ambition into reality? Are there any obvious obstacles that are unlikely to be overcome?

Are there any [major] obstacles that you are hiding?

Following these pointers will have two [2] advantages for you.

1. You will be as clear as possible in your mind, what type of help you need and be confident in your approach for help.

2. Your mentor/coach will also be confident knowing that you are committed to the process of change. This will start the relationship on a very positive note.

So, if you are looking to make some changes and/or stretch your ambitions in life, and you need help to achieve this, then please consider the tips that I have raised.


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