10 Great Practical Life changing Questions


Back in March I wrote a post “20 Great Practical Questions………..”.  Because I like ‘practical’ and I like ‘commonsense’ when it comes to Coaching and Communicating.

I find that this works best. There is a lot of “noise” around the field of Coaching that can be quite distracting … and misleading.

So when you take the time to drill down a bit and work on the simple/practical steps that will make a difference, the ones that actually  make sense, then doors begin to open. Breakthroughs Will occur and there’s smiles all round.

And it’s Value adding for your life!

To do this, you firstly need to ask yourself some decent questions. Potentially Life changing questions in fact.

I’ve selected 10 such questions that I believe will test You and Excite You. If you want to move forward with your life and if you want your Best life, then you should be asking yourself these questions.

 *  Are my dreams achievable or imaginary?

This is I believe, is an important distinction. Imagination is a source of power.

However ‘imaginary’ is closer to  wishing  rather than imagined reality. By all means imagine your dreams.

Achieving them comes from believing in them And taking action on them.

When you follow through on your dreams then achievability comes into play. No follow through, then they are imaginary … and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

*  Am I prepared to ask for help to achieve my goals?

It’s of little use having a goal or a number of goals if you haven’t the tools to achieve them.

It may seem noble to chase after your goals and “defy the nay sayers” by hanging in there. But the “nay sayers” will have their day if you capitulate by being stubborn and failing.

It’s also noble to  ask for help. It’s no good setting great goals if you limit your chance to achieve them.10 Great Practical Questions Blog Post

*  What do I want my Life to look like in 12 months from now?

Yes, 12 months and it goes fast, bloody fast. Peer into the mirror 12 months from now.

What will you be doing? Have you moved forward from now? Done what you said you would do? 

This, I have found, is a terrific practical question to ask when your current situation is ‘stale’.

Maybe you are considering changes, maybe you have to make changes and you are not sure if they will work for you or if you have the fortitude to actually change.

This question is a prompter & can then inject some  reality  into your situation & act as a motivator for you to do something about it.

If you or your life situations stay the same 12 months from now … how will you feel about that?

*  If I fail, will I try again?

 It can be & often is, a slap in the face when you fail at something. “Fail” is a tough word.

You can turn this around by looking at this “failure” in a different light.

For example: Was your expectation too high? Did you have the right or sufficient tools? Were you looking for the wrong outcome?

If you put in the effort then likely you have produced some sort of outcome. Tweak a few things here and there and have another crack at it.

If “effort” is not your failure then you will succeed eventually.

*  What is the biggest obstacle to my taking the next step?

 Own up and identify this and then plan how to overcome it. Otherwise it will always be there.

If you are serious about positive change, check your obstacles and get them out of the way … or seek help if you don’t know your obstacles or how to get rid of them.

* Can I name the 3 most important goals that I want to achieve in the next 12 months?

 OK.  So who knows these? Why should you know these?

I call them my guidance markers. They are also motivational and [hopefully] inspirational. This should get you thinking about ‘Now’, the future and fine tuning your focus. Before time gets away.

Write them down if you wish. The bottom line is to Know  them & to focus on their achievement.

*  Do I make excuses?

 I’ve banged on about excuses a few times in the past couple of years.

If you make them then you are just kidding yourself if you want to make positive change or achieve desired goals & dreams. You won’t!

Your excuses have you trapped. Identify them and don’t let them back.

* What am I prepared to do to achieve my goals and dreams?

Don’t make excuses would be a terrific start. Seriously, there is a lot of activity behind the art of achievement.

There is a lot of stuff to do, think about, sacrifice, embrace. The fact is that a lot of your achievements will be hard earned.

No easy stuff. Be prepared for some tough work so that you don’t give in when you get so close.

*  What and How, do I want to feel?

Feeling‘ is the one sense that either urges you forward, slides you back or cocoons you in sameness.

Having the right ‘feeling’ or imagining how you will feel when you have achieved XYZ, is a massive key. How do you  feel  about that?

*  Five years from now, will I regret delaying my decision to change my current life situations?

 5 years may seem a way off, so where’s the practicality here?

I thought so as well, 5 years ago.

Here’s the thing. I found that it’s easy to put things on the back burner, sometimes for very good reason.

Sometimes it’s just plain Procrastination. However, putting your LIFE on the back burner is playing with fire.

I found that out … and I don’t want you to. Live for today and plan for a better tomorrow and longer term future. It starts Now.

Can you get some practical usage out of these questions? Feel free to contribute if you can.


** This post was refreshed April 15 2015


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  • yogesh pant July 29, 2013, 3:58 am

    planning for the future and having plans is great.
    What we have to do is to stick with them and ensure that the plans we have made are executed well within the time frame.

    • David Stevens July 29, 2013, 9:50 am

      Yes, that is indeed part of the process.
      Just make a start …

  • Hiten July 29, 2013, 7:15 pm

    Hi David,

    I thoroughly enjoyed and got a lot out of reading your life changing questions revisited post.

    In particular, I liked the one about considering what we are prepared to do to achieve our goals and dreams, because it makes us truly appreciate that the journey we’re about to undertake will take effort and persistence. It’s important to have this understanding and expect a bumpy road at the start, rather than starting, expecting easy results and then quitting when the going gets tough.

    Thank you.

    • David Stevens July 30, 2013, 1:40 am

      Thanks Hiten,
      Glad that you enjoyed. I believe that these questions are important and need to be asked. Spread the word please.
      Be good to yourself