Just how Big is “Big”? Here’s 27 Big Exclamations!


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“Big is Beautiful” …  that has been said before, many times. However did you realise that’Big’ is also a word small on letters  but huge on description? Big is not just about size … Big is about quality. Big is about standing up, standing tall and believing … and so much more.

Following is 27 Big punctuations for life, or should I say exclamations! I want to see ‘Big” play out in your life, for all the right reasons. Who’s with me?

Big is for thoughts that break the mould

Big is for the steps that you take forward in life

Big is for ideas that stretch you

Big is for Action

Big is showing Love

Big is for ballsy

Big is admitting your mistakes

Big is for expansive thoughts

Big is for never ending horizons

Big is for brassy

Big is the feeling of Freedom to express yourself

Big is for achievement … when you have made choices that serve you

Big is for bold

Big is awe inspiring

Big is for Life’s adventurers and life’s adventures

Big is for Midlifers refusing to give in to ‘old age’ syndrome

Big is for first steppers … no matter how small the step

Big is for standing tall when others fall or won’t stand up at all

Big is for going beyond your zone of sameness and predictability

Big is for being extraordinary [that’s You]

Big is for sharing yourself … without strings

Big is for saying what you think with truth and in the right spirit

Big is for breaking bad habits of addictionBlog18

Big is for showing heart and care for your fellow earth citizens

Big is for pictures painted with broad brush strokes and dreams dreamt with intent

Big is for setting your very first meaningful goal

Big is for badass (in a nice way)

How “Big” can you be fellow Life Lover? Let the Universe know, by you sharing this post and commenting with fervor.

Be good to yourself


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