Two Critical steps that Will make Your Life Incredible


For those of you in your 40′s, the next 10 years will be the most pivotal of Your life. I can help You make them the most defining. Don’t let them slip away contact Me  today


Is there a  magic formula  that will allow  Your life to be incredible and fulfilling?

It would be great if there was, wouldn’t it?

Imagine if you simply kept your head down,went through the motions and checked off the boxes as you do each “task”, like on a pre-ordained list?

Do you think that would be incredible and fulfilling? OR how about this then:

If you “follow the rules”, keep out of trouble, stay away from “the edge” … do you think that Your life would then be/become incredible?

Neither of the above are remotely true, yet so many follow this path.

In my opinion, You may become very adept at following rules and checking off lists however, that’s where your incredible adventure will end.

Because it won’t even begin. Now, before I go any further, there are certain societal rules that you do need to follow, don’t get me wrong there.

But that aside, following old rules and/or following what others are doing won’t make your life any more adventurous.

But what is “incredible” anyway? 

More importantly, what does incredible mean for You?

Is it something above the ordinary, the mediocre perhaps?

A life full of excitement and inspiration maybe?

Endless years of defying all the norms, breaking new ground, helping others to do the same, could be another?  And by the way, these all contribute to being fulfilled as well. 

There IS more to fulfillment, but this is an excellent start. Maybe I’ll write a separate post on “fulfillment” one day?Your Incredible Life Blog post

Whatever it is for you, the word  incredible  for most people, would conjure up “something completely outside of the ordinary”. Feats performed outside the normal scope of acceptance. Fearless adventuring.

Do you think that Sir Richard Branson followed  the rules?  Yet I will venture to say that his life has been incredible. And Fulfilling.

And so can it be for You, if you are prepared to give it a try.

Which leads me to the ‘two things’ that are the subject of this post.

1. Imagination is the key ingredient in creating Your Incredible life.

2. Following through by taking action is the icing on your cake.

There is little point in simply imagining, if you do nothing to bring it alive.

Sir Richard Branson, mentioned above, is a perfect case in point. He’s imagined … then he’s done something about it.

When you decide to peer outside your normal daily containment/comfort zone, even if initially for just a dose of amusement, you may, just may, begin to imagine something different happening to your “normal routine- like day”, week, month,year/life … something better even.

Sameness is an  imagination killer.  Experiencing something different is an imagination enhancer.

Because you have then broken the cycle [of sameness].

If you want your life to be incredibly fulfilling,  firstly imagine it as so and then take the action steps, to make it so.

Again, incredible is what You believe ‘incredible’ to be. As long as it’s not incredibly boring.

I don’t want that for You. Go and have an incredible Life. If it already is, then make it even more so.

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Be good to Yourself


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One Simple way to start cracking the Rut that you are in


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Start thinking about something else. Yes, something else!

When you are in a Rut, that’s about all that you think of. The rut gets deeper, the thoughts swirl around ….. and around, same thoughts again & again … aaarrgh!

So instead of buying a shovel to dig yourself out, try buying into some fresh thoughts instead.

Start by imagining that your situation is different … is better than it is now. See yourself in a better light.

Imagining, yet again, is a vital key in changing your circumstances. When you begin to imagine, your thought processes alter.

When they alter, fresh questions emerge. And fresh perspectives.

And it can’t get much simpler than that.

Is it that simple though? I know that it is difficult to imagine better circumstances when you may be entrenched in a mire or bored with your current lot in life.

I believe however, that you must. Anything to break the chain of rutdom. You want to get out of it, don’t you?

This is a start only, cracks will begin to appear in your rut …… and that’s what I want for you.  However, the timing of you climbing out of your rut and embracing a fresh direction will depend upon your Willpower.  Your willpower to go further.

If you are prepared to go further, new steps can be taken.

Some old ones as well, however now re-traced with a fresh determination and attitude. Old is new again!

As I said, there’s still work to be done. But when you start cracking your rut, just like cracking an egg … the process toward ‘savouring the taste’ , has begun.

Be good to yourself


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Simply Believe… Yourself


For Life success, you have to believe that you can be successful. Your determination of what “success” is … entirely up to you. However, I am sure that you have certain successes in mind.

Now they won’t just happen. You will work at them. Plan, execute…then hope. Yet underneath it all, you will need to believe that these successes will come your way.

I do.  Do You?


What do you Believe?… Do you believe that your Life will be great?

Do you believe that you have Choice?

Do you believe in the power of dreams?

Do you believe that you can do anything that you set yourself to achieve?I Believe

You see, without this type of belief, true positive results will not occur.  I’m not talking airy fairy, magical mystery tour type of Belief here ….. I’m talking practicalities.

In your face, no nonsense, straightforward Belief…..the stuff that you can count on.

When “you get this right”, you will then move into the next phase.  This is Belief on auto pilot.

You know, that when you set your target…..achievement is assured.

Obstacles vanish. Progress is made. The deal is done.

Now that’s the kind of Belief that you want for your own.

“How do I get that type of Belief, you may well ask?”

By taking action. The more action that you take, the more results you will achieve.

When you continue on in a “state of action”, your Belief will increase.

Some things will go wrong. Some things won’t work. Some of your initial results will not be what you expected.

There will be periods of frustration during your Belief building phase.

Building your bank of Self Belief may take time, however it is time well spent!….. And over time, your results will improve.

Caution: there is nothing more certain than this  following scenario however …..  if you go into stagnancy (do nothing), your Self Belief will deteriorate.

So keep the action going or get it started. Thoughts and plans are fine however with out the Belief that they will come true…..then they are just thoughts and plans.

Give yourself a chance.  Rev up your actionometer and your Belief will build….. and your Life will get better.

Be good to yourself


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One Simple way … to get started


For those of you in your 40′s, the next 10 years will be the most pivotal of Your life. I can help You make them the most defining. Don’t let them slip away contact Me  today 

What have you been putting off?

You know…..that thing.

Painting the bedroom. Getting your car serviced. Repairing the side fence (mine blew down in the storm the other day). Contacting a friend who you haven’t spoken to in a few months. Making a commitment to (fill in the blank…………………). Booking a Holiday. Helping with your children’s school work project. Telling your partner that you love them.

You know, “that thing”.

What stops you?

Probably a myriad of (things) excuses. And these get repeated…and repeated. Excuses then become “reasons”.Question1

If you could wind this back and ask yourself...What will happen if I don’t do this?, what type of view of the situation do you think you would have?

A different one, I would suggest. The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg however these ones can be considered all important. Therefore the outcomes for not doing them will be poor. So ask yourself this question …What will happen if I don’t do this? and see the situation in a different light.

You will see the reward in helping with your child’s school project. You will see the reward in taking a well earned holiday. You will see the reward in re igniting a dormant friendship. You will see the reward in confirming the relationship with your partner.

The reward comes from taking action, not from using an excuse.

This will also work if what you are putting off turns out to be not important at all… Simply ask the question. If it’s not important then either schedule it for a later date or wipe it altogether.

So, if you use this strategy of asking yourself “What will happen if I do nothing?”, you will interrupt your pattern of delaying taking action. That’s pretty simple.

However will that solve your problem of putting things off entirely?

Not by itself….

I have highlighted this strategy to get you started rather than doing nothing.  To get the thought processes percolatingMore work is required however, especially if you are a serial procrastinator.

Such as…..You need to choose to take action. You need to recognise what is important or not… These are for you to decide upon, or to seek help. 

So what’s holding you back from doing the things that need to be done? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please do me the honour of sharing this post on your favourite social media sites.

Be good to Yourself


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3 simple do-able actions to utilise your energy for best results


Are you energised? Do you find that everything you work on has your full energy?

It can be difficult. However there are ways to effectively channel your energy into the areas of your Life that need it most.

Exercisesorry, you can’t escape this one. Regular exercise, of the physical kind, will leave you feeling better in the long term and therefore will leave you feeling much more energised. Now, exercise of the mind cannot be left out. For me, the two go hand in hand (maybe that’s just me?). When I exercise, my mind gets a healthy break as well. The exercise breaks down any mental barriers…it frees up to imagine & create fresh ideas. These fresh ideas are then stored as mental energy reserves for use later on. You can also free up your mind’s energy reserves by de-cluttering. Rid your mind of valueless thoughts & focus on the thoughts that will give you joy…that will stimulate you…that will energise you.

In summary, your exercise schedule need not be of Olympic proportions. It can be whatever… but it needs to be. Just start doing something if you are not already doing so. Let your body & mind enjoy the experience. De-clutter the mind, free up energy being used on non value thoughts & activities.

Focus your energyWe often get pulled from one thing to another. This can be a draining experience & I am sure you have experienced this numerous times. Especially if you are a parent. We don’t have unlimited energy. We can improve the levels of our energy reserves however they can still rundown. That’s when we need to recharge…(see next point)

So we have a challenge. To do what has to be done with maximum energy, we do need to focus or isolate, what needs our attention. What are the important things in our daily lives that deserve maximum energy? What are the things or people who steal our energy? How often during a day, do we use up energy on things that really aren’t all that important?

In summary, to have the desired energy levels for the important people & activities in your Life…you simply need to focus on your priorities. Schedule your energy for the “peak times”…that may be family time, an important work deadline, dinner with a loved one, planning your week. Focussing your energy where it will be best rewarded will be certainly worthwhile.

 Recharge then turbocharge…take a break. Simple? Often it’s not however it is vital. You can build up your energy reserves with regular exercise & maintain effective energy levels by scheduling your focus. Your energy levels will still run low at some point, despite all of this intent. Recharging yourself can be done during each day simply by taking ‘time out’.  As an example, it may be just 5 or 10 minutes each hour or so or a full 30 minute break at “low energy times”… whatever you determine necessary. Then you are able to turbocharge through your next period of high energy use. When you have the energy, Life seems so much easier.

Why not schedule weekend breaks or make  long weekends {3 or 4 days} every 3 or 4 months? And take an annual holiday…you deserve it and so do those near and dear to you. Remember when you recharge then you can turbocharge.

When your energy is used wisely and effectively, the results will astound you.

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Be good to yourself


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