The Wonder of You


Inside of You lies a Motivated Marvel.

However, before we get too excited by that, I have to let you down, just for a bit. Please bear with me.

You probably take for granted what You can do ..

And probably what You can’t do. It sort of just happens or it doesn’t.

And that’s the problem.

Your capabilities go beyond what you have scrawled down in your notebook on life. You know, what You are sure that You can do

And what you are sure that you can’t [even if you have never tried].

It’s what is not written [down] that is the wondrous thing here.

This is where You need to see past the obvious and question or better still, imagine, the unseen.

If You can imagine it, then the chances of it becoming real, for You, multiply.

In Your favour.The Wonder of You Blog post

And this is where your motivation to follow through on that, must come to the fore.

Push aside the limitations. Push aside the fear. Push aside the laziness.

If You want to accept your life as it is, then do that.

And I hope that your life is as wondrous as it should be.

However, if You don’t want to accept “what is” and you are constantly wondering “what if?” ..

then convert that wonder into action.

Motivated action. Because that is the wonder of You.

You can go after what You want.

You can ignore the doomsayers and find people who will support you being better than you are right now.

You can try new things. You can think fresh thoughts. And You can take motivated action.

Go, be wonderful. Fulfill your potential.


Be good to yourself


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How to Motivate Yourself to stay Strong


Let’s be honest here.

There are days when it’s hard to Motivate yourself.

I have them. You have them.

Now we could both curl up on the couch [not together] and comfort ourselves in the knowledge that “Life’s tough”.

And we would convince ourselves of that fact.

And You wouldn’t be incorrect with that assumption.

There is a lot in Life that IS tough.

Getting married was “tough” for Me. Well, at least the decision to, was.

But I got through it like so many others.

This may seem a bit flippant however just an example of what some people may view as “tough choices/decisions”.

And they then do their best to avoid that decision.

On a scale of 1 – 10 my “example” is probably pretty low. There are a lot of tough choices and decisions made by every day people every day.

And they need to be strong to do that.Motivation exists ..

When your Will is stronger than your Won’t, Motivation exists.

When You decide to accept better, rather than “what is”, Motivation exists.

These are choices that You and I are both capable of making.

They are tougher than what they seem.

However they are critical if You want your day, week, month, year, Life to be what You want it to be.

And when You look at it, they really aren’t that tough.

The choices themselves should be easy, making that Choice can be the hard part for some.

When You are used to giving in and/or being led by your present [and enduring] circumstances, any differing choice becomes “radical”.

However, Self Motivation is a Choice, like so many other things in Life.

You either choose to be motivated or You don’t.

Self Motivation will help You break the cycle of sameness, numbness and lack of Focus.

When that starts to kick in, then You can seek further help from a Coach/Mentor when needed.

Are You motivated to make the Choice to be ?

Live stronger by being stronger.


** Post refreshed June 2 2016


Be good to yourself


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How to Overcome Your Rut in one Big Step


Hi there again.

When you are in a Rut, that’s about all that you think of.

The rut gets deeper, the thoughts swirl around and around, same thoughts again & again.

So instead of buying a shovel to dig yourself out, try buying into some fresh thoughts instead.

Start by imagining that your situation is different. In fact, is better than it is now.

Visualise yourself in a better light.

That’s the lead in to what I wrote back in September 2013.

Today, I will piece some of this puzzle together to enable you to commence stepping from your Rut.How to overcome your Rut Blog post

Now what I said previously may seem simplistic and perhaps a bit far fetched to some of you.

I mean, it’s easy to say “think fresh thoughts” when all you have swirling around your head is muck.

So before despair sets in

maybe what you really need is some shock treatment.

Something that will charge you up and get you to beat that rut to a pulp, metaphorically speaking of course.

Ruts happen. Everybody has been in a rut at some point.

However, the ones who recognise that their life is full of untapped opportunities, climb out of their ruts.

Because these people realise that opportunity breathes vitality.

Vitality is life and you only get one shot at it.

Will this be You? Do you see your life as vitally important to You?

Sure, “life happens”. But it’s your perspective about what happens to you that makes the difference.

When you see it as just another challenge to overcome or another phase that you need to work through

then you can live with that.

When you see it as life is tough or life is hard or life is unfair, then that’s going to hurt you. Maybe that’s the shake up that you need.

Do you want to spend a life full of hurt?

A life full of missed opportunities?

A life full of playing the victim?

A life full of being tossed around like a cork in the ocean?

You need to make a Big step to climb out of that way of thinking.

Before it’s all over, for you.

The biggest step that you can take is in your thinking.

Think about engaging your imagination, then do it. Imagine better. Imagine the opportunities.

Think about your family, friends and other loved ones. Do they want to see a lost soul?

No, they want to see You as a vibrant stepper on the stage of life.

Stepping it out is vitality in motion. No rut is big enough to contain you when you are in stepping mode.

When you step into a rut in your life, step out with bigger, more purposeful steps.

Be vital, vigorous & vibrant.

Will You promise me that?


** Refreshed June 26 2015


Be good to Yourself


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[How to] Be Motivated by Life


News Flash! 

Your life is not meant to be left on the shelf and ignored.

It is meant to be lived, to be worked at and enjoyed to the Max.

Oh, hang on, did You just say that awful word “work”?

That’s right, however this “work” has more than the “lure” of money at stake.

It’s Your life that is at stake here.

You cannot bring it to each & every day when you are merely looking on.

Why be left wondering what the hell is happening or how/when you will be affected by what Life throws at you?

However You Can bring it when You are motivated by Life.

And this is where the “work” comes in.How to be Motivated by Life Blog post (1)

There is no stronger motivation than being motivated by Life itself. Yet there are still many of you who tell me that you’re “lacking motivation”.

I suggest that you look around You.

Start looking for the “beauty” in life.

The interactions with others. The places to see and to explore.

The friends that you have and the new friends that you will have.

The lifestyle that You can enjoy.

The vibrancy of it all.

How “far” do you think that you can go in the time that you have on this planet?

How far can you push, stretch and exercise your mind and physical muscles? How far do you want to go?

If you want things to happen, then you must motivate yourself to make them happen.

Do you have the time to “waste” on being unmotivated? ….. watching the world sail by.

The short answer is Yes. Of course you can waste your time, it’s yours afterall.

The long answer? … I think not.

You will have your “flat” spots, just like me. Yes, it’s tough to be motivated all the time. I’m not even sure if that is possible.

Even so, that’s no excuse for looking on and not being involved in life as much as humanly possible.

You have one life only. You have choices to make and many to choose from.

Inactivity is not a desired choice, yet it is one that is readily made.

Yes, you do choose to be inactive.

Every minute that you choose to do this is a minute that your life is missing.

Life is made to be embraced. How about You kick start your thoughts into action?

Then keep them percolating.

Make Plans. Set Goals. Ignite Dreams.

They all come from being active and the motivation to pursue them comes from the excitement of having them come true.

Is that in itself enough motivation for You?

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** This post was refreshed June 15 2015


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How to keep Your Motivation Alive from Age 35


Hi again.

Motivation, I’ve observed, will come and Go for many. Just like the tide goes in and goes out.

Regardless of age, Motivation has the potential to be super charging.  When you are motivated, You can run through brick walls in your 20’s and still leap them in your 60’s.

I mentioned the word “potential”.

Unless you engage with your Motivation it will just be an idle word, randomly abused. “I’m not motivated” … “I need someone to motivate me” … “I’ve lost my motivation” are three examples that readily come to mind.

Yes, motivation does start with You. You need to engage with it by at first recognising that you happen to life, not the other way around. When you do this, everything becomes an opportunity [to explore].

Life will stand still [it will seem] for the unmotivated. You will have plateaued way too early.

Life [Your life], is meant to rise, in increments as you motivate yourself along the way and seek further motivation to keep the fire burning.

At age 35 you will most likely have made great advances in your personal and ‘business’ life.

A time for discovering and utilising your talents & skills has been complemented with your desire to go higher.

At age 45 you may begin to think that “you’ve done most of what there is to be done”. And You start to coast along [and hopefully get some reward for the work that you’ve put in so far]. This is all fine, Until life starts happening to You. Why?Some days are diamonds

Wind back to 35. You were at or near to, the top of your game. You wanted more however something “happened” that slowed you down.

Motivation can be a slap in the face, kick in the butt type of thing OR it can be a methodical encourager. People are often motivated differently both internally and externally.

When you know what motivates you, then it is easier to be aware of and to engage in it’s “flow”. For example …

Do you need someone to ride you when you slack off? Have you set motivating goals for yourself to achieve each year over the next 5/10 years?

Will you need to subscribe to ‘motivational material’ to keep you fired up? Have you considered hiring a Coach/Mentor to provide [additional] motivation and support?

When you establish your motivational criteria [like above] and co ordinate it into a Life Plan then the flow begins to happen.

If you don’t, then you hit the wall [eventually].

The years between 35 and 55 I will say, [under strong protest from some, I’m sure] are the make or break years of your life. The 45 year old above, didn’t have a motivational plan.

Life was easy until ….. it became hard.

Lack of a motivational plan and the support and encouragement that it gives, will then impact on all facets of your life risking “the walls tumbling down”.

Again, for our 45 year old friend above, it was more than likely that “Internal motivation” was on life support and an external motivation/support mechanism had not been put in place.

So what do You do when this happens?

Have a good look at what You want out of life, I mean, have a really good, close look … and be motivated by that. Then establish a Plan that has motivating goals for each year forward. Each year of your life.

Sound too hard? It’s not. When your personal growth is at stake, I would suggest that you do look at what you need to do to keep growing ….. and living!

Stagnating is not an option. Watching the world pass you by, is not an option.

Look within. What will it take? Make a Plan.

I understand that you may be feeling a little lost here.

By all means, get someone to help you if you are. Get someone to support you. That’s got to be worth it!

Your life is too valuable to have it slip by and not reach the heights it deserves.

If this has had an impact on You, please share on your preferred Social Media Channels.

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** This post was refreshed June 30 2015


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How to feel Brilliant in Your 50’s



How do You feel fellow Life Warrior? 

How do you really feel?

About You. About your life. About your partner. About your family. About your work. About your play. About your future.

All of these play a large part of your dreams and goals. Whether you notice this or not.

Most of what you do, most of what you think is dependent on how You feel.

So I ask you again. How do you feel about your life? [Just sit on that for a while.]

You are now at a stage of your life [ 40 – 50] where you will either be comfortable or not.

You will be comforted by the fact that you have worked hard to get where you are right now.

You will be comforted by your efforts to “provide” for your future years where play will become more common than work.

Or you will have discomfort knowing that your hard work has not yet paid off, you still have goals to set AND achieve and you are uncertain whether play is but a distant childhood memory and work is something that you need to keep “working at”.Be Brilliant @ 50 Blog post

Rewind time. You are now entering your 40’s. It’s a time of transformation.

You now realise that about half of your life has been lived. That’s a pretty sobering thought.

Even more sobering is this question. “What are you going to do with the next 10 years?” so you can enter the fantastic 50’s with a broad smile on your dial?

This will be a good starting point, and is suggested reading, if I can be so bold.

Living your 50’s brilliantly will be in large, due to how you plan & execute your 40’s. This will give you the confidence that you will carry on into and throughout your 50’s, making any necessary adaptions as you travel along.

Please note this if You are currently in your 40’s :

It’s not about luck, it’s about planning. Not over planning though. You can’t plan every single detail of your life, try as some may.

No, it’s more about setting guidelines [or a framework] that will set you up for success. Something that you are comfortable with, something that will stretch your imagination and have you excited.

Something that will make you think about where you are situated now and where you want to be in a few months/years.

Here are some questions that you could choose to use [or choose your own] to stimulate your thoughts and ideas.

What gives me joy?

What type of work do I love doing?

Am I a go it alone type or do I need support?

What do I want to most achieve in the next 10 years?

What will be my legacy to my family/to others?

How am I currently living each day?

Are there any changes that I need to make to my current lifestyle?

What will happen if I don’t change …?

Where does my family/partner fit into the equation?

When You take aim and get a visual sighting of how you want your life to be … now and in the future, you set in motion all the necessary tools, people and emotions to carry you through.

Are You ready to take aim?

** This post was refreshed April 9 2015

Be good to Yourself


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Who do You want to be, really?

For those of you in your 40′s, the next 10 years will be the most pivotal of Your life. I can help You make them the most defining. Don’t let them slip away contact Me  today


Identity crisis. Mistaken identity. These are words normally associated with ”others”. However, are these words resembling of You? Let me explain …..

Going through life simply being yourself can be a pretty tough gig … but a very rewarding one. It is fair to say that you will have your identity “hijacked” at some point. You will morph into some other ‘person’ or identity, who you believe  is just right for you,  for now anyway.

Congratulations, You are running with the  in crowd. You are copying your new role model and acting out all things cool, for now.  Do you remember this happening to you? C’mon, you can own up.

This stage play has a few more acts to go before the final curtain call. Eventually you may not know which act is real and which is part of the play.

Who have You become?

In earlier years when “You and I didn’t know any better” [we’re pretty smart now though, aren’t we?] you would more than likely, want to a part of the ‘in crowd’. You wanted attention. You wanted to be cool. Look cool, act cool.

The trouble with “cool” is, it keeps changing. The definition maybe not, however “the reason” to be cool at that point does. And ‘cool’ was not always let us say, legal or morally sound.

So, to stay ‘cool’, you would need to assume another ‘identity’. The rub off here is the effect it has on your character. This being, who you really are. The difference between you and an actor [assuming that you are not an actor] is that the actor can return to his/her normal life roles when the acting role has finished. You however, are consumed by your current identity and begin to lose grip on who you really are [meant to be].

What has this got to do with the heading of this post? 

Having your own “identity”, authentic, real and self-owned allows you to play a Big part in life, not just a “bit part”.

It’s a role tailor made for You. It IS You. While you may get side tracked from time to time, I suggest that you don’t allow your identity to be compromised. Acting out of your own self, your own character is a starring role all of it’s own. And when you are your own star, people will come to watch … and they will stay for the encores.

That’s the easy part. At whatever stage you are in life, if you are not happy with “you” then life becomes more difficult. You need to know that it’s never too late to change that.

If you want to be a “better You” then Speak with someone who is really prepared to listen, to understand and to support you with your “re defining”. We all at various times in our lives, challenge ourselves with this very question … “Who am I really?” or “who do I want to be?”

So, is this a Movie or is it real Life?

If you are having troubles with determining who you are/want to be then ‘Modelling’ yourself on someone else can be a good idea. However you do need to infuse this role with your own character.  In my opinion, You can model but not be a copy. You still need to be authentic so as to satisfy your character and your soul.  In other words, it has to feel right, be right.


The best option toward finding and then adopting the real You? … Explore your passions, your likes, your strengths. Adapt them & make them your life’s role. Work at them. polish them, learn more. Seek out someone to talk to so as to gain an independent perspective, build on your strengths and to clarify your questions & your future direction.

Keep learning about yourself so that You can be the best “You”.

If you like this enough, please share your thoughts below and on your favourite social media channels.

Be good to yourself


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11 ways to know that your life is full of spark


For those of you in your 40’s, the next 10 years will be the most pivotal of Your life. I can help You make them the most defining. Don’t let them slip away, contact Me  today 

Hey … How are things?

Do You go through the day with plenty of pep, motivation & excitement?

I’m sure that you don’t like to get older [even if you won’t admit it] however one thing that I believe that you must maintain is  your spark.

Your spark is your motivational ignition switch. And it can be turned on at any age.

Even when your battery feels a little flat, your spark will kick in and get you through the day.11 ways to know your life is full of Spark Blog post

Here are 11 indicators that your spark is still alive:

You can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning and live through the day

You face problems with gusto, not that you like them, but you crave clear air

You continue to love what you do … and prioritise doing what You love

Your imagination is your most valued and used tool

You inspire yourself

You make the time to listen and understand so that you can make the best choice

You exercise your mind as well as your body, daily

*Love is always on your ‘Must do’ list

Self expression is your way of life

You enjoy saying “Yes” to opportunity and “No” to time wasters

You feel 35 when you are actually 55 [any 20 year gap will do]

Do any of these resonate with You?

Have You still got the spark?

What are other ways that tell you that your ‘spark’ is still alive?

I’d love to hear your comments below and please share on your favourite social media channels.


** This post was refreshed April 21 2015


Be good to yourself


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How to have a Life that is Big in every way


In 2014 ….. Walk with Me. Exercise your mind with Me. Get stronger with Me. Please join with Me in meaningful conversation and Work with Me

I have said previously that Big is not just about size … “Big” is quality. “Big” is about standing up, standing tall and believing in yourself … 

This is applicable at any stage of your life. The most critical time I believe is between the ages of 35 and 50. This is the real ‘bigtime’. Because how you create your dreams & goals and how you grow as a person, will define you and have a bearing on the following years.

You may remember the 27 Big punctuations for life that I listed in a former post. With your permission, I would like  to revisit them. Let yourself  Feel  the “Bigness”, let it be absorbed into your thoughts and into your soul.

Big is for thoughts that break the mould. Big is for the steps that you take forward in life.

Big is for ideas that stretch you. Big is for Action.

Big is showing Love. Big is for ballsy.

Big is admitting your mistakes. Big is for expansive thoughts.

Big is for never ending horizons. Big is for brassy.

Big is the feeling of Freedom to express yourself. Big is for achievement … when you have made choices that serve you.

Big is for boldBig is awe inspiring. Big is for Life’s adventurers and life’s adventures.

Big is for Midlifers refusing to give in to ‘old age’ syndrome. Big is for first steppers … no matter how small the step.

Big is for standing tall when others fall or won’t stand up at all. Big is for going beyond your zone of sameness and predictability.

Big is for being extraordinary [that’s You]. Big is for sharing yourself … without strings.

Big is for saying what you think with truth and in the right spirit. Big is for breaking bad habits of addiction.

Big is for showing heart and care for your fellow earth citizens.

Big is for pictures painted with broad brush strokes and dreams dreamt with intent.

Big is for setting your very first meaningful goal. And finally, Big is for badass (in a nice way).

Now that you have absorbed those 27, here is some added incentive for you to find space for “Big” in your life.

BIG … I’ve also found it can stand for Boundless. Inspirational. Goals … and I’ve said that before as well. 


Big is for being successful. Successful in such a way that even You will be in awe of yourself. You have gone further than you could imagine. That is Big.

Life isn’t meant to be played small.

When you reach the age of 40, 50, 60 will you say ” Thank heavens I’ve got this far by staying under the radar & keeping my head down”. You might but is that your strategy? Would you rather say ” I’ve worked hard, done my best,  achieved success and I’m looking forward to more” ?

That’s playing Big. “Big” gets you attention, the right type of attention. Big is magnetic. Big is knowing that you have played  the game  well ….. and you are still relishing overtime. Give me more! That’s Big.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to share on your favourite Social Media channels.

Be good to yourself


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Expressing what really matters … to You – the How’s & Why’s


In 2014 ….. Walk with Me. Exercise your mind with Me. Get stronger with Me. That’s what will happen when you Work with Me. Join with Me in meaningful conversation right here ….. scroll down page to ‘Expression Session’.

Getting your stuff out can be difficult. First you have to compete with yourself. “Is this what I want? They will laugh at me. Am I dreaming with this? you’ve got to be kidding me? How do I do this?”

Convincing yourself is often the hardest thing.

Convincing others, well that’s another story entirely.

What if you didn’t have to convince others? [and why should you?]

What if the stuff that you want to do … the dreams, the goals, the desires, the thoughts & ideas, could be nurtured and brought to life … by You [with a little encouragement … a lot actually].

I talked about “no regrets” in a recent post. Bottling up your dreams and goals and all the ‘baggage’ that goes with them will cause you regret later on down the track.Express Yourself Blog Post

Expression Connections or Expression Sessions, is something that I have brought to the table which will allow you to release this ‘baggage’.

It’s founded on energy, connection, support and meaningful conversation. It’s about You releasing Your thoughts on what You want to do in life ….. and what, if anything, has been holding you back so far.

It’s about expressing your ideas, your thoughts, your frustrations. It’s about sharing fresh ideas & providing support so that you can discover more about yourself & your situation.

It’s about connecting on the same level to achieve a common goal.

Simple? I think that connecting in a meaningful way IS a great start. And Yes, it is a simple, yet effective way to begin or reignite your adventure, your dreams, goals, aspirations.

You and I need and value genuine connection. I know that it IS frustrating when no-one will listen to what you have to say. Listening on ”the same level that is”. Getting paid ‘lip service’ will not get you paid results.

Connect. Share. Grow. I want You to be able to transform or grow your “situation” from what you are living now,  to creating the one that you want and deserve to have.

Connect with Me and that is what will begin to happen.


Be good to yourself


Life Coach. Listener. Motivator.


Making Your 40′s & 50′s Shine

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