How to turn Your Goals into F.I.T. Goals


Goal setting is easy.

Pick something that You want to achieve. Set the intent. And away You go.

Sound simple? In it’s purest form, it is.

However .. are You setting the right types of goal[s]?

If you are going to set goals, make it worth the effort.

For example ..

What is the Big picture? Your Vision of how you want your life to play out.

What aims do You have in say 6,12 months from Now?

Will this goal help you realise a part at least of your Bigger Picture?

Regardless of how simple or difficult your intended goal[s] is to achieve, You spend valuable time on it in the pursuit of bringing it to a close.

So use this time wisely. Build toward a goal[s] that WILL benefit You, Your life and any other beneficiaries.

Test yourself. Consider upgrading the risk factor .. to extreme maybe?

The Reward is in the effort.

Big results come from Big, audacious goals.

Now, You probably should ease yourself into the ‘deep water’.

Build your goal intent from easily manageable to super stretchy.

It takes practise.

However, more importantly, it takes resolve & it takes Action.

This IS Your biggest test.

As I said earlier, setting any old goal is easy.

Setting meaningful goals can be challenging and usually is.  But so is Life.F.I.T Goals PIN

This is where F.I.T. Goals come in.



Totally Committed.

The “fear factor” often comes from our doubts with achievement. “Failure” is a tough word & a tough option. So setting easier, more manageable goals becomes the norm for many.

Being fearless in your goal setting will open your mind toward goals that WILL set you on a higher path. WILL help you set more meaningful goals that WILL bring higher rewards for you personally.

If that’s what You want, then be fearless. If You want ‘easy’ then keep setting easy goals.

Inspiration  often is sought from external factors/people. “I want to be/feel inspired” is a common sentiment I hear from clients and people generally.

I reply, ‘How would You feel if you could continually inspire yourself?’

After some puzzled looks it becomes smiles all round.

Self inspiration is one of the greatest things. Doors open, obstacles begin to erode, thought processes enlighten And Goal setting becomes An Adventure!

Commitment  isn’t a half baked pie.

When You commit to something/someone, You should be going All in. Total.

Same with your goals.

Only when You give Total commitment have you the best chance of goal achievement. Anything less is courting disaster .. and frustration .. and constant muttering that goals don’t work.

Commitment people. Total Commitment. This IS  the game.

Now, having said all that, flicking the switch from fearful to fearless, from seeking inspiration to becoming self inspired and from partial commitment to total commitment can be a task in itself.

If You have the “Will” to improve your goal setting capabilities, then you have the motivation to begin your F.I.T. Goal evolution.

I’m not going to leave you in the lurch with this.

You can contact me for assistance/support/encouragement in a number of ways including by Contact Form here or via telephone/text [Australia] 0412 038037 or email

You will also find me on various Social Media platforms by searching #DavidLifeCoach

Please drop by and say Hello.

Oh, by the way. If You are really motivated to set some extraordinary F.I.T. Goals then I have a 3 session Coaching package that will begin at the grassroots and end with exhilaration.

I don’t charge the earth so if You are willing to part with some coin you will find details on this page.


Be good to Yourself


Truth teller. Life Coach. Life Motivator for Men/Women 35-55.

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How Motivated am I, Really?


On the surface, You may believe that you are motivated.

You may even feel that you are.

However, the test always comes when it’s time to take action.

So ..

Do You put off taking action or do you get straight into doing it?

Hopefully You do the latter.Am I motivated Blog post

Motivation or self motivation is a spark within you.

This spark sees opportunity and then acts upon that opportunity.

This spark knows that time gets away too quickly. Indeed Life is too short.

When You are constantly aware of the opportunities around You And you take action to get them happening then you know that your motivation level is full.

If you struggle to take action and in most cases, prefer to delay doing most things, then your Procrastination becomes your reason.

Excuses and procrastination are one thing. They can be overcome, usually with assistance from a Mentor or Coach.

However, when you validate your inaction with reason, this becomes your justification [to avoid taking action].

And that will get you nowhere.

Find that spark of Yours. You may need to dig deep however it will be worth it.

Taking action and getting the most out of Your life sure beats the opposite.

If you need some help with your motivation, feel free to get in touch with Me.


Be good to yourself


Motivator. Life Coach. Listener.

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The Wonder of You


Inside of You lies a Motivated Marvel.

However, before we get too excited by that, I have to let you down, just for a bit. Please bear with me.

You probably take for granted what You can do ..

And probably what You can’t do. It sort of just happens or it doesn’t.

And that’s the problem.

Your capabilities go beyond what you have scrawled down in your notebook on life. You know, what You are sure that You can do

And what you are sure that you can’t [even if you have never tried].

It’s what is not written [down] that is the wondrous thing here.

This is where You need to see past the obvious and question or better still, imagine, the unseen.

If You can imagine it, then the chances of it becoming real, for You, multiply.

In Your favour.The Wonder of You Blog post

And this is where your motivation to follow through on that, must come to the fore.

Push aside the limitations. Push aside the fear. Push aside the laziness.

If You want to accept your life as it is, then do that.

And I hope that your life is as wondrous as it should be.

However, if You don’t want to accept “what is” and you are constantly wondering “what if?” ..

then convert that wonder into action.

Motivated action. Because that is the wonder of You.

You can go after what You want.

You can ignore the doomsayers and find people who will support you being better than you are right now.

You can try new things. You can think fresh thoughts. And You can take motivated action.

Go, be wonderful. Fulfill your potential.


Be good to yourself


Motivator. Life Coach. Listener.

Making Your 40’s & 50’s Shine

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How do I find the Right Answers for My Life?


The answers are Always in the Questions.

Questions are at the forefront of your Life.

From a very early age, You are asking questions.

It’s a huge part of your Self Development.

It’s also a huge part of your natural curiosity.

Whatever happened to that? You know, Your curiosity.Better questions blog post (1)

Too often I see people who are content in simply being fed information.

The questioning & curiosity is being replaced with submissive acceptance. “It must be right, they are the experts”.. or words to that effect.

Well I’m afraid that’s not good enough.

If You aren’t curious to know the answers that are right for yourself then You aren’t living the life that is right for yourself.

Be a questioner. Be curious.

Question yourself daily. And question others.

“Is this the best way to do ..?”

“Am I making the best use of my time right now?”

“How can I make this better?”

“Who do I need to contact for help ..?”

“What if I tried a different way/approach to that?”

These are just a few examples of the very many questions that will make You think about your life.

If You would love to have your Life in a better position than it is Now .. contact Me.

I’m sure that I have some questions that will lead to better answers for You.


Be good to yourself


Motivator. Life Coach. Goal Kicker.

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How to Motivate Yourself to stay Strong


Let’s be honest here.

There are days when it’s hard to Motivate yourself.

I have them. You have them.

Now we could both curl up on the couch [not together] and comfort ourselves in the knowledge that “Life’s tough”.

And we would convince ourselves of that fact.

And You wouldn’t be incorrect with that assumption.

There is a lot in Life that IS tough.

Getting married was “tough” for Me. Well, at least the decision to, was.

But I got through it like so many others.

This may seem a bit flippant however just an example of what some people may view as “tough choices/decisions”.

And they then do their best to avoid that decision.

On a scale of 1 – 10 my “example” is probably pretty low. There are a lot of tough choices and decisions made by every day people every day.

And they need to be strong to do that.Motivation exists ..

When your Will is stronger than your Won’t, Motivation exists.

When You decide to accept better, rather than “what is”, Motivation exists.

These are choices that You and I are both capable of making.

They are tougher than what they seem.

However they are critical if You want your day, week, month, year, Life to be what You want it to be.

And when You look at it, they really aren’t that tough.

The choices themselves should be easy, making that Choice can be the hard part for some.

When You are used to giving in and/or being led by your present [and enduring] circumstances, any differing choice becomes “radical”.

However, Self Motivation is a Choice, like so many other things in Life.

You either choose to be motivated or You don’t.

Self Motivation will help You break the cycle of sameness, numbness and lack of Focus.

When that starts to kick in, then You can seek further help from a Coach/Mentor when needed.

Are You motivated to make the Choice to be ?

Live stronger by being stronger.


** Post refreshed June 2 2016


Be good to yourself


Goal Kicker. Life Coach. Life Motivator for Men/Women 35-55

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Why Listening is Ultra important in a Coaching Relationship


How would You feel, if you are laying your cards on the table, metaphorically speaking, and You are getting a response that makes little sense?

OR, You ask a question and the answer bears no resemblance to the question that you asked. How would that make You feel?

These may seem a bit on the extreme side but with a Coaching/Mentoring relationship, Listening is Vital.

And not just hearing the words that are spoken.

It’s having a keen eye[ and ear] on every word that is spoken and the way in which it is conveyed.

Is Your Coach paying attention?

Is Your Coach paying attention?

When you are a client [or potential client] of  a Coach/Mentor, you deserve the very best of the listening skills of your Coach/Mentor.

You are an individual and you have your individual needs. Your Coach has to understand this.

One size fits all, doesn’t apply.

I find that a great way to listen effectively to my clients is to feed back [or paraphrase] the clients question or story to them … before I answer.

I usually do that with a response something like this … ”that’s my understanding of your situation/question, have I got it right?”

If your Coach/mentor is doing this, then they are taking an important step to listen to you effectively.

And when the listening is done well, the mutual understanding and the Coach/Coachee relationship, thrives.


Be good to yourself


Motivator. Life Coach. Listener.

Making Your 40’s & 50’s Shine

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The key link in the Motivation chain


Motivation is always a compelling topic.


“Lack of Motivation.”

“Highly motivated.”

Are the bottom, middle and high points in most conversations. The three phases is what I will call them.

Unmotivated indicates that nothing will move this person from their current state.

Lack of motivation indicates that motivation is possible but not at the moment.

Highly motivated indicates that this person is probably unstoppable, at least for now.

Now this is probably a simplistic explanation of the above three however, not far off the mark, I would suggest.

And that will do for the purposes of this post. Because what I want to do is introduce an important factor into this motivation equation.The missing link in Motivation Blog Post

The Best Conversation will lead to the Best Motivation.

Regardless of what may motivate you [assuming that you do get motivated], the only enduring type of motivation is supportive conversation.

Speaking with someone who understands what you are going through and will support you to move forward is not only re assuring it IS Motivating.

Back to the three phases of Motivation that I mentioned earlier.

Introducing supportive conversation into the mix will enhance the motivation.

That is:

“Unmotivated” needs supportive conversation to see another viewpoint for example. Or a reason to be motivated about their life.

“Lack of Motivation” may simply need some supportive conversation to re ignite that fire within & guide them forward.

“Highly motivated” can benefit from supportive conversation to confirm & cement their plans and actions. And keep them going.

Adding conversation to the mix creates another dimension. In fact it is really the starting point.

You and I are more than likely motivated by different things.

And that’s fine.

The icing on the cake is the Conversation.

When someone understands You, supports and encourages You, then your Motivation moves to a higher level.

And that’s what I do.


Be good to yourself


Motivator. Life Coach. Listener.

Making Your 40’s & 50’s Shine

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How to achieve Your Life Goals – 4 key ingredients that You must have


I talk a fair bit about Goals. However, what I talk about more is how you can shape your life with your goals. How about You and I drill down some more with this?

Setting a goal and achieving a goal are two different things. Anyone can set a goal.

Having said that, I know that when you set a goal correctly, achievement is virtually assured. The “correctness” is where this is won.

Unfortunately, this is where the achievement for many, often goes astray.

Let me explain.

There are four(4) key areas that I would suggest that you concentrate on when setting a goal.Life Goals Blog Post


Will it [this particular goal] aid my personal growth?

Will it satisfy my soul [give me the warm fuzzies] and will it give me the results that I want in my Life right now [action taking] And when I achieve the goal?

When you see reward, you are much clearer on what this goal will give to you. And also much clearer on the steps toward achieving it.

2.Value [your time]

The time spent on achieving your goal has to be worth it. Some goals may take months, if not years to bear fruit.

So, are you prepared to spend the time necessary to work toward your goal achievement?

Commitment to the task or tasks involved in working through the goal process needs to be unwavering. If you are not committed or do not have or are not willing to spend the time  ..  then do something else.

OR, enlist the help of someone who can help you with the necessary processes.


Fuels ongoing motivation.

Be excited about  setting a goal that will give your Life great results.

If it doesn’t excite you then find something that does. One of the main destroyers of goal achievement is the lack of ongoing motivation.

It can wane after a period of time. When the excitement is there, you can’t wait to achieve your goal, so then motivation shouldn’t be a problem.

Key point here

Don’t just be excited about setting your goal.

feel the excitement upon achieving your goal.


Why you do it, the difference it will make, the pleasure, the joy, give me more of this type of feeling.

A Goal without meaning, is no goal at all. Meaning will vary for each of us. When true meaning is applied  ..  It’s deep. It’s truthful. There’s no avoiding it. It lights your fire.

How are you doing with Your Goals?

Do they excite You?

I’d love to hear from you & also would be honoured if you will share this post on your favourite social media channels.


Be good to yourself


Motivator. Listener. Life Coach. 

Making Your 40’s & 50’s Shine

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** This post is a refresh of a post from February 2013


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How to be a Solution seeker not a Problem gatherer


I’m sure as I can be, that You have strength and that You have purpose.

If you are not showing this outwardly, at least I’m confident that you do have it deep down.

I also know that you occasionally need extra help with solutions, so that you can push aside problems & keep moving forward.

That’s a fact of life. Because I do, just like you.

You are not alone with this. Your greatest strength is the ability to know when you need help … and then to ask for it.

That being said, are you playing to your strength?

If not, You may be using “false resiliency” to get yourself through.

It’s difficult asking for help, I know. Being stubborn is one thing, hiding your problem through toughing it out however, is something different altogether.

False resiliency can be detrimental to you.

Toughing it out is fine however without a “way out” or Solution then you will be toughing it for a hell of a long time.

Is this what You really want?Problem Solve Blog Post

“False resiliency” can be part of your makeup for two standout reasons:

1.You don’t want to see the problem.

2. You can’t see the problem though you know something is wrong.

When you don’t want to see the problem [ignore, it may go away], then you become a large part of the problem.

When you can’t see the problem [unaware, frustrated, stressed] then the problem can be solved if you ask for help, before it’s too late.

Now, the Solution seeker will look at each ‘problem” from different angles to determine a way out. Some problems are easily solved this way when you are aware that there is a problem in the first place.

Awareness is  such a big key here.

Many problems however,  take time to fully reveal  themselves. A ready made fix at the first look may just be a part of the solution but not the whole solution.

The  active Solution seeker  will play to his/her strength and seek help.

It’s great that you are prepared to work out a solution as opposed to ignoring a problem. There will be times when you need to use extra strength  and seek the help that you deserve, so I suggest that You get active.

My personal experience: I have spoken with many coaching clients who have come to me for a solution. I don’t provide ‘quick fixes’. More often than not, the “problem” or the root of the problem is not as it first seems.

Drilling down into the issue/s can shed fresh light.

Meanwhile, back to the Problem gatherer.

Ignoring this problem hoping it will go away has limited success. In fact it isn’t successful, because the problem will come back.

The attitude of  ignoring  will play out again and again.

There will become a mountain of “problems” gathered and placed on the pile of discontent.

The negative attitude toward Life’s problems [which are your problems, in fact] then translates into further excuses for inaction and the exclamation that “Life is sucking badly”.

Stop the bleeding and ask for help!

Asking for help IS solution seeking .

And asking for help is also showing Strength.

Does that seem reasonable to you?


** This is a revision of my original posted, published 25 June 2013

** Refreshed again June 4 2015



Be good to Yourself


Motivator. Listener. Life Coach.

Making Your 40’s & 50’s Shine

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5 Questions that go to the heart of You


There are So many questions in life that simply have to be asked.

In many cases, the answers that You give, will define You.

I’ve selected just five[5] questions that I believe, when answered, will help steer your life on a favourable course.

You may not be able to answer them straight away. However, if you choose to follow through on these, your answers no doubt will delight you.

1.  Are my dreams achievable or imaginary?

Dreams are a large part of your creative juices. Without them, creativity becomes a shadow, not a light.

However, the dreaming is just one part of the whole equation. The dream is the spark.

Following through on the dream keeps the flame burning. And following through with energy, planning and desire will go a long way in making your dream/s achievable.

Dreaming and just “wishing” your dream to come true, with no follow through, falls into the imaginary basket.

Are You up to the follow through?

2. What do I want my Life to look like in 12 months from now?5 questions blog post

Not to get too far ahead of yourself however picturing how you want your Life to be in 12 months will make a difference to your Life today.

Imagining and placing into action today, what you want to achieve at reference points in the future, quite simply “keeps the dream alive”.

And it keeps your focus on the right game.

You are percolating, not stagnating. You are creating. And that’s a pretty good place to be.

Failing to even consider your Life beyond today, next week … will very likely leave you at the mercy of “whatever happens”.

It’s fine to  go with the flow …  providing you are holding a very strong paddle.

Considering, planning, actioning what you want to happen will see you constantly in the flow that suits you.

3. If I fail, will I try again?

There are many quotes on ‘getting up again’ after being knocked down/out/back. The question you must ask of yourself “Will these quotes mirror my Life?”

“Failure” is a word and an outcome, there’s no escaping that. How much power this word and the outcomes that will occur wield over you, is largely your choice.

How many times did you fall down before you began to walk?

You won’t remember however it was plenty.

And you didn’t give up, did you?

Fast forward many years and you are faced with similar scenarios. You will fall down (fail) many times. I have. To develop and grow on a personal level, you must keep on trying.

Trying, changing, perservering. This will get you places. It’s easy to give up however that is when your growth stalls.

Do you want that to happen to You?

4. What do I believe are 3 keys to my Happiness?

The never ending pursuit of happiness. But what is it really? There are levels of happiness and people all over the world reside at different levels of this.

Only You can answer what happiness means to you and what it is, that will bring you, your own desired level of happiness.

One major lesson that I have learned is determining what my level of happiness best suits me and constantly working on those key elements that make it so.

Work it out early, so that you are not chasing elusive & some time imaginary, ”happiness triggers”.

5. Is my Love for what I do, strong enough?

Do you just do things for the sake of it or do you have genuine love for what you do?

I’m talking in the broader sense here because it’s obvious that you can’t love everything that you do.

Some stuff just sucks, yet it has to be done.

However there are the “majors”. Work, play, relationships.

Is the “love” strong enough here? Will it stand up to the pressure of any disappointments that could occur?

There’s no right or wrong answers. But you want to be sure that you are in the right game or you may need to find a better one to play.

Do any or all of these questions resonate with You?

If you have any questions about your life that are troubling you, contact me & together we’ll find the answers.


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This post was inspired & repurposed from my original here

** Refreshed once more June 1 2015


Be good to yourself


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