Mid Life Goal Achievement Specialist

Motivational Conversation & Coaching for Men & Women 35 – 55

The next 10 years will be the most pivotal and defining of Your life. Don’t let them slip away.

If any or all of the following questions apply to You then NOW is the time to take  positive action which will change your current Life situations, for the better  ..  Contact me today to get started.

Are you dissatisfied with how  things are currently panning out  in your life?

Do you need someone who will really listen to what You want to achieve now and in the future?

Are you ..  lacking certainty about what lies ahead, struggling for Purpose, perhaps down on inspiration?

Do you have Goals and Dreams that you need to come true and are unsure how to go about it?

Do you want the next 5 years to be full of personal achievement?

I am a Goals & Accountability Coach.

I will add to Your Motivation and I will Guide you toward setting & achieving the right Goals for your Life. I will also make You accountable to yourself for their achievement.

You are more than likely in the 35 – 55 age group, already motivated to achieve your goals & dreams, however, You need someone to support and encourage You toward their finalisation.

As an outstanding Listener, I will be delighted to listen to what You want to achieve, so that I know exactly how to best help You.

We will then work together, to get your ducks in a row!

I am fortunate to have so many interesting experiences, successes & lessons from my thirties and forties. These have evolved into more excitement, greater experiences &  inspiring lessons in my 50’s  ..  I use these as a springboard to motivate You to set your Life on a better path as well!

And above all else .. I Care.

I Care about You and I Care about what I can do for You.

Life Coaching is an exciting journey of exploration & learning. Practical, fresh Life changing Solutions are even more exciting  ..  and that is what you will get from me.

I will provide you with a motivational environment which allows you to express yourself & unlock your true potential.

Our relationship is one that will focus on, listening to you, reviewing what hasn’t worked for you, creating positive changes if necessary, & a clearer future for You.

You will receive hype-free, common sense, feedback and support.

I will help you with any or all of these;

  • Additional Motivation to get you started And get you to your finish line
  • Get more excited about your potential
  • Discover & then clarify what’s truly important to you and which is in sync with your Values
  • Build on that clarification and create certainty and purpose for your life
  • Get you headed in the right direction. Set and achieve meaningful goals  ..  goals with real substance. F.I.T. Goals are my speciality [see ‘Work with Me’ page for more information]
  • Bring your dreams closer to reality
  • Overcome any obstacles to your success and clear the “stuff” that is currently trapping you
  • Establish a 5 year plan or longer term vision for your Life

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