Coaching Services and Specialised Sessions

Individual coaching/motivation is what I am about. Having said that, it is definitely not a one size fits all methodology. People respond and learn in different ways and therefore I place extreme importance in listening to you and helping you set, manage, succeed, at the goals that suit your individual circumstance.

I work with Men/Women who already have a large dose of self motivation but still need the guidance, support and enthusiasm that I provide to allow them scale even greater heights.

Some clients will take immediate action and see positive results very quickly, others may need more time to make the appropriate changes, thats o’k – it is very individual and I ensure that I work at your pace so that you get the best possible result. I meet with you either:

  • Face to face [southern Gold Coast & Tweed] – I visit you
  • Via email
  • Via Skype

One on One Motivation/Coaching sessions [face to face, Phone or Skype]:

  • $150 – 2 session commencement package [a 25% saving] ….. $100 per individual session


  • $239 – F.I.T. Goals for Life [3 sessions] [a 20% saving ]- [scroll down to ‘Specialised sessions’ for information & to buy]
  • $45Expression session –  As well as being a Coach/Motivator, I am also a Professional Sounding Board. Let me know what you are thinking in this  standalone 45 minute session and receive “immediate impact” motivation and feedback. It’s all about support, idea sharing, meaningful conversation and honest feedback to help you get either into the game or have You playing a better game – [scroll to ‘Specialised sessions’ for further detail & to Buy]
  • $75Email coaching package – [scroll to ‘Specialised sessions’ for information & to buy

Please Note: Face to face, Phone & Skype sessions are 75 minutes duration.

Specialised Coaching Sessions

** Upgrade Your Shine ..  This 6 month  One on One  experience is a must have, if You:

  • Need someone who will Listen to You intently & Understand Your situation/Needs
  • Seek a clearer direction & purpose for Your Life
  • Want/Need to establish the types of goals that will lead You to a more fulfilling Life
  • Are motivated to achieve something more meaningful than Your present situation
  • Want greater certainty in your life
  • Want to try something new in Life
  • Are unsure how to take the first/next step toward what You want to achieve
  • Feel stuck/frustrated with your life as it is now … more dullness, than Shine
  • Feel the need to contribute more to Yourself, family, community
  • Are determined to achieve short term, medium & longer term goals that will set Your life on a better trajectory
  • Have long held Dreams that need an achievable process put in place to ensure they come True
  • Want the security of having One on One support & guidance throughout the entire process
  • Want flexibility in delivery. The timing of each session is up to You. Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a combination of each.

This six month  experience is especially suited [but not limited] , to men & women aged 35 & over, which is often described as a pivotal point in one’s life. I know, as my life experiences have included all of the above.

Most importantly, this is NOT a set agenda program. I work with individual clients, like You, who each have their own goals & aspirations. Therefore, Your individual circumstances will  help sculpt our interaction.

An initial part of our interaction will include spending time to discover more about your current life situation, how that has shaped your life to this point and how you can use this [or re shape this] to create better life experiences and a clearer future.

Together, We can then build a base, gain traction & work on gaining momentum toward Your short term, medium & longer term goals.

BENEFITS  include but are not limited to:

  1. Understanding why you are where you are now & how to do something about it
  2. Re- launching Your life, goals, aspirations with a fresh perspective & attitude. Shine On.
  3. Breaking free of the obstacles that have been holding you back
  4. Giving you the confidence & enthusiasm to achieve more
  5. Setting Meaningful & Achievable Goals that will propel You forward
  6. Personalised support, guidance, enthusiasm & motivation for the entire process
  7. The Value of six[6] months Life Coaching at a vastly reduced cost to You

As with all my coaching, each session will be provided in a non-judgemental environment with ongoing support and feedback. I work at your pace and provide support until your end goals are met. Each session will be by either Skype, Phone or face to face depending on where you live.  Your total investment for 6 months $500

** 3 pack Motivation – F.I.T. Goals for Life – Motivation to get You into the right frame of mind & setting Goals that WILL benefit You – [3 sessions] I focus and work with You to get you taking action, quickly.

  • Session 1: Focuses on what You really want to achieve & what has held You back in the past.
  • Session 2: Setting the right Goals to work for You. What Inspires You. What Motivates You.
  • Session 3: Failsafe. Guarding against apathy. Ensuring Total commitment to success.

BENEFITS  include but are not limited to ..

Reviewing your current thought processes and perspectives to enable you a clearer view of where your Life could be heading. Stop the slide. Getting you Traction then Momentum and re-setting your goals to reflect fresh, vibrant, fearless & inspired goals.

As with all my coaching, these sessions are provided in a non-judgemental environment with ongoing support and feedback.

I work at your pace and provide support until your end goals are met. Each session will be by either Skype, Phone or face to face, depending on where you live.

Unlimited email access is available between sessions. Your investment $239

** Expression Session – Designed for “immediate impact”  motivation to get you either into the game or have You playing a better game.

“Sound out” your thoughts on your dreams, your goals, your obstacles, your plans, your desires or even your frustrations.

Share in meaningful conversation with me and receive hype free, honest feedback plus plenty of motivation.

Express yourself  and I will Listen. Come away with valuable support & fresh thoughts that will have you in a better frame of mind.

Your investment $45 for 45 minutes


** My Virtual Coach [email coach package] This service is designed to help you be the best person that you can be. If you can relate to any of the following, then please get in contact with me as soon as possible.

  • You are unsure of your direction in Life however you have the motivation to get help to do something about it
  • You are busy with life & struggle with finding the time to get ahead & achieve what you want
  • You need friendly, reliable help when the going gets “tough”… want answers & assistance
  • You have dreams & goals however you haven’t started on them and/or you need help to have them achieved
  • You may be new to the concept of Life Coaching and want to see if it is advantageous to you without spending a lot of money

I will help you with all of the above and more.

This service is available via email and allows you and I to engage with each other regarding your questions, aspirations, concerns with your Life and where you want to improve.

This interaction will provide you with a valuable resource, allowing you to make improvements with your Life, all from the comfort of your own home. I work with a limited number of people per month with this service which ensures that you receive, special attention!

For a low monthly fee of $75, you have unlimited access to me via email. I commit to getting back to you within 48 hours if over the weekend, 24 hours if during the week .

There are no long term contracts, simply sign up for an initial month. If you enjoyed the experience, renew month by month for as long as you feel necessary. To get started simply contact me via email or use the Contact form on my “Contact Me” page.

I look forward to commencing an exciting and rewarding partnership and journey with you. Let’s get started Today!